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Waiting For David

It was raining, of course, it was; it’s fucking Seattle after all. Sitting in the window nook, Park

This Is The End

Eric thought about getting up. He turned to his right, away from Micheal, and thought about walking a

Brewing Affections

Mitchell Rice swiped through the endless faces of men; After hours of swiping, they were all starting

Party Ready

Timothy Walter fussed with his white v-neck, tugging at the neckline. When he’d brought the shirt a

Anywhere Besides Here

Matt Rivers sat at the end of the street staring at the stop sign that once served as his bus stop. W

Only Time Will Tell

The beach was packed with graduates from Lakeman High. Nursing their beers, the teens clustered toget

Done For The Day

Philip Hall pushed his blue-light-blocking glasses off his face and rubbed his eyes. For the past hou

What A Surprise

“Mikey! I’m making a snack run, wanna come.” Jordan said, standing in the teenager’s bed

Meanwhile, Back Home

Asher Ryan tapped his room key against the card reader, the flashing red light on the reader turning

Itssa Gay Time Machine

Blood leaked from his face. The fragments of the metal plate lodge in his face. “Wallace! Wallace,