I’ll Come To You

The little specs in the night sky sparkled like diamonds.    Standing in the window, Myles William sipped on the amber-colored liquid surrounding the ice ball.    Lawrence The Band spilled through the speakers, soothing Myles. He’d had a long and exhausting day at work; filled with his hot-tempered boss barking orders, and making messes,… Continue reading I’ll Come To You

The Best and The Worst

“I can’t see the future anymore doc.” Joey said as he stared out the window.   The heat coming from the old heater made him feel like there was a witch in his stomach, brewing up something awful.   Though he was facing away from Dr. Kell, the click of Kell’s pen, and his wool… Continue reading The Best and The Worst

A Collection of Moments

Nothing about the moment was romantic or special, it was like saving up to buy something big, something grand and epic. A bunch of little moments coming together, like collecting twigs to make a pile that would later be doused in lighter fluid and set to flames.    The first one of these ‘twig moments’… Continue reading A Collection of Moments

An Emergency and A Little PTSD

The world around Frankie moved sluggishly.    “It’s Travis, he’s been in an accident.” The words bounced around in Frankie’s head like a tennis ball that had been whacked against the wall at full force.    ‘Breathe Frankie, breathe.’ Frankie could hear his boyfriend say to him.   “Frankie you still there?” Travis’s brother Mario… Continue reading An Emergency and A Little PTSD

Missing You

James hovered over his work bench, looking down at the 3D map his daughter had been building for social studies. The map of Ancient Greece was supposed to map out the war path of the Peloponnesian War. James’s daughter, Hailey had spent all day obsessing over the map; even though it was nearly complete and wasn’t… Continue reading Missing You

A Temporary Goodbye

Marvin stared out the window of his New York City highrise. The snow-covered city below was stunning. Winter was his favorite time of year; great for hot coco, Christmas music, even though it was still October, and snow; lots and lots of snow. It was the perfect time of year for spending the day in… Continue reading A Temporary Goodbye

Even When I Lose My Head

The cloudless sky was a blue blanket with millions of tiny holes. The wind was a soft caress, ruffling the leaves on the ground.    Lying on a blanket, amongst the leaves, Michael Jones looked up at the sky, attempting to count each and every twinkling speck.    On his chest, Michael's husband, Darius twisted… Continue reading Even When I Lose My Head

A Trip To The Lake

The door squeaked so loud Austin was sure he’d wake the whole neighborhood.  Cringing, he tucked his bottom lip between sharp teeth as he slowed his movements. Slipping through the small space between the screen door and the door frame, he successfully slid out of the house. After guiding the screen door back into place,… Continue reading A Trip To The Lake

Waiting For David

It was raining, of course, it was; it’s fucking Seattle after all. Sitting in the window nook, Parker Jones watched as little droplets of water formed on the glass. Thunder zipped across the cloudy sky as Parker breathed against the glass and drew smiley faces in the fog.    Patience was never Parker’s strong suit;… Continue reading Waiting For David