The Morning After

Olivia opened her eyes and looked up at the ceiling. As the room began to spin, her head pounded as if someone had crammed a marching band into her skull. Groaning she squeezed her eyes shut and placed her hands on her temple and applied a little bit of pressure.      “Shhh, keep it down.”… Continue reading The Morning After

Dealing With The Drunks

Wait, have you read Cliff Diving? Jade pulled up to the restaurant to find Carter, Nat, and Nate standing outside, waiting. As the car came to a stop, Olivia looked up from her phone, and out the window. As soon as she looked up, she was met with the site of Nat. Dressed in a… Continue reading Dealing With The Drunks

Cliff Diving

Nat and Nate made their way through the forest, the sound of falling water getting closer and closer with every step they took.      “To the left!” Nat said, as they ducked under a tree branch.  Continuing on, the twins made it to the other side of the mini forest and came face to face… Continue reading Cliff Diving

Summer’s End

Nate stared out the upstairs window of the cabin, watching as the sun began to descend from its place in the sky.      “How is the summer over? I feel like it just started.” He said looking back at Carter.  Carter shrugged.      “You know good things always happen in the blink of an eye.”… Continue reading Summer’s End

The Woman In The Rain

Carter rolled over and shifted towards the edge of the bed. Swinging his legs off the side, he sat up and planted his feet on the ground. Thereafter he rubbed his eyes before stretching and rising up. Then, swaying from side to side, almost as if he were drunk, he made his way out into… Continue reading The Woman In The Rain

You’re Staying?

    “So when are you all headed home?” Chelsea asked, reaching for the salad.  After Olivia and Nat got back from the store, Carter and Nate began cooking; For their last meal of the summer, they were having steak and potatoes.      “Damn Chels, you trying to get rid of us?” Nate asked, placing a… Continue reading You’re Staying?

A Good Day

Wait?! Before you begin reading this story, have you read 'Jimmy' ? Carter held the blunt between his lips and shielded the flame of his lighter from the wind. After getting the blunt started, he tossed the lighter onto the deck where everyone’s clothes sat. Then, taking in a deep breath, he filled his lungs… Continue reading A Good Day


Stop right there, before you read this, have you read 'Damn That Red Binki'? Carter pulled into the quiet suburban cul-de-sac and pulled into the driveway of a tan house.      “This is Jimmy’s house?!” Chelsea and Jade asked at the same time.      “Yeah, were you expecting him to live in a trailer park?”… Continue reading Jimmy

Damn That Red Binki

Carter awoke to find himself face to face with a sleeping Jade. With her mouth slightly ajar and a few strands of hair in her face she looked peaceful. With every inhale and exhale, the few strands of hair swayed back and forth like trees dancing in the wind. For a moment Carter thought about… Continue reading Damn That Red Binki

Stuck On Her

Before you start reading this story, have you read the one that came before it? In Due Time. The next morning, Ryan woke up underneath the coffe table. Sitting up, he looked from one person to the next, before realizing that Jade and Carter were missing. Jumping up from his spot on the floor, he… Continue reading Stuck On Her