Case of The Ex

Hang on, before you read this have you read; Hot Rod,Hot Box?

Olivia howled with laughter as she and Nat stood in front of the refreshments, Nat recounting the events of the first film they, Carter, and Nate ever made. As Nat explained how they use their uncle’s sex doll as a stunt double, Olivia doubled over, alcohol nearly shooting out of her nose.   

“You know, now that I think about it, it’s kinda weird that my uncle had a sex doll that looked so much like Nate.” Nat said. 

Olivia gripped her stomach, doing her best to calm down.   

“That’s so fucked up.” She said, trying to catch her breath.

Never in all her life had she laughed so hard.   

“Yeah, and you’re fucked up for laughing.” Nat said, causing Olivia to gasp.   

“Hey! I’m not the one who wanted to test the nine lives theory with my neighbor’s cat .” Olivia shot back.

Nat opened their mouth to respond when a tall, heavily tattooed man, with slicked back hair, slipped between them. With his back to Nat, the man grabbed a red solo cup from the table before looking up.


“Liv.” He said, tipping his head at her. 

Olivia avoided his gaze like it was her job as the man set the cup on the table and grabbed the vodka. The man then sighed before setting the bottle down with a loud thud.


 “You’re not gonna say anything?” He said, sounding quite disappointed.   

“There’s nothing to say.” Olivia said. 

Then, without another word, she walked around him, and wordlessly grabbed Nat’s hand and began walking away. As they made their way past party goers, Nat thought it best not to ask any questions; she seemed upset and that might’ve made it worse. Pulling the sliding door open, Olivia pulled Nat out into the cool summer night before finally dropping their hand. Then, pressing her face into her hands, she scrubbed it as if she were washing it and let out a scream. Then, after a few deep breaths, she turned towards Nat.

“I’m sorry. I just had to get out of there. “ She said with a sheepish smile.

“You’re fine. Hey since we’re out here, wanna go for a walk?” Nat asked.

Olivia’s smile grew wider and more confident.

“Yeah, that sounds nice.” She said. 

Nat then shot a text to Carter and Nate and Olivia sent one to Jade and Sophie before they both pocketed their phones. 

“Ready?” Nat asked, holding their hand out. 

Without a moment of hesitation, Olivia laced her fingers in with Nat’s and the two began walking. 

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