Candle Light

“Keep groaning like that and you’ll get us both in trouble.” Said a deep voice.


Kennedy laughed.


“Promise?” They asked.


Shaun could only shake their head; they’d forgotten that arson was Kenny’s hobby.


Paying their husband no mind, Shaun ran their hands up the length of Kenny’s back, splitting their hands at their husband’s shoulder blades.


“Miracle worker.” Kenny said.


At this point, he was melting into the table beneath him.


“Only for you love.” Shaun said, lending forward to press a kiss to Kenny’s cheek.


Bunching their brows together, Shaun dug their thumps into oil-soaked skin. Out came another groan, and Shaun felt themself stiffen.


“Hey! Hey! Hey! Who’s this massage for?” Kenny asked, wiggling his hips.


Shaun inhaled sharply, their eyes darkening at the feel of Kenny rubbing against them.


“Both of us. Is it not?” Shaun asked, pushing their excited bulge against Kenny’s ass.


Kenny groaned but said nothing.


“That’s what I thought.” Shaun said with a laugh.


More oil was poured, and Shaun worked their hands against Kenny’s back like he was clay, and Shaun was sculpting him into art. But truth be told, Kenny needed no sculpting; he was already a work of art.


The music hummed on and the smell of vanilla danced its way around the room.


“You’re a work of art, you know that?” Shaun asked.


Kenny snorted.


“Cornball!” He yelled.


Shaun immediately stopped, and Kenny whined as his husband sat up.


“Babe come on! It was just a joke!” Kenny complained.


Shaun held out a moment longer, before their husband wiggled his hips, causing Shaun to hiss.


“You’re lucky I love you.” Shaun grumbled, getting back to what he was doing before.


“Whatever you say cornball.” Kenny said.


Shaun thought about stopping again and not starting up again until Kenny begged, but their husband was right; When it came to Kenny, Shaun was a massive cornball. 


And as much as Kenny liked to tease his husband for his ‘cornball ways’, Kenny couldn’t lie, he loved all of Shaun; even the cheesy parts.


“I love you.” Kenny singsonged.


Shaun only hummed in response as he continued to cause Kenny to become puddy beneath him.

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