Can I Film?

Wait a second, have you read ‘Who Grips The Mic?’

Blake made his way through the upstairs portion of the cabin. With his Canon EOS 70D in hand, he made his way down the hall; searching for Chelsea.

“Chelsea? You in there?” He asked, tapping his knuckle against the third door on his right.

From within the room, Blake could hear music as well as laughter and chatting. Tapping his knuckle again, he called out for her one last time before the door swung open.

“Hey! Blake, right?” Sophie said, pointing to him.

Blake smiled and gave a little nod.

“That’s me. Is Chelsea in there?” He asked, pointing behind her.

“Yeah, come on in.” She said.

Stepping passed Sophie, Blake stepped into the room and all eyes were on him.

“Hey, I usually film all of Carter and the twins parties and I was wondering if it’d be cool if I filmed this one?” He asked, waving his camera for emphasis.

“Are we gonna be in a YouTube video or a movie?” Olivia’s friend, Nikki asked excitedly.

“No, I usually just keep the videos for myself. People do hilarious shit when they’re drunk, and I’d like to be able to watch it all over and over again.” He explained.

After a quick vote, the girls decided it would be fun.

“Just let me text the other’s and I’ll let you know.” Chelsea said, causing him to nod.

Then, after thanking her, Blake turned and made his way out the room again. Making his way down to the living room, he flopped down beside Carter and Nathan.

“We’re good to go?” Carter asked, looking up from his phone.

Before Blake could respond, Carter’s phone began to ring. Pulling it out, he frowned at his screen.

“Why’s Chelsea calling me?” He asked as he accepted the call and put her on speaker.

“What’s up?”He asked.

“Tell Blake he can film the party.” She said.

As soon as the words left her mouth, Carter, the twins, Blake, and the rest of their friends jumped up from the couch.

“Hell yeah, thanks Chels!” Nate said, causing her to laugh.

Then after Carter ended the call, he and the crew began dancing around the livingroom .

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks installment of the Olivia and Nat/Carter and Jade series. If you did, and want to keep up with the series, be sure to follow the blog.

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