Buzz Kill

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“Guys come on! Chelsea will never let me hear the end of it if we’re late!” Jade yelled from the bottom of the steps.

Not bothering to wait for a response, Jade pushed open the screen door and walked out of the house. Twirling her car keys on her index finger, she made her way down the steps and over to her car. Hopping into the red, ‘66 Mustang, Jade cranked the car to life. Then, after connecting her phone to the updated radio’s bluetooth she hit shuffle on her playlist. As Kiss’s Love Gun poured through the speakers, Jade’s sister, Olivia, and Olivia’s best friend, Sophia, exited the house, their bags in hand.

“You know, one of these days you’re gonna go def!” Olivia shouted as she and Sophie made their way to the car.

Jade scoffed as she popped the trunk.

“Please, nana’s been saying the same thing since we were kids!” Jade shouted over the music.

After tossing their bags in the trunk, Olivia hopped into the front seat while Sophie hopped into the back.

“God you’re insufferable.” Olivia said as she pulled on her seat belt.

Jade smiled a shit eating grin.

“Love you too sis.” She practically sang.

Then, leaning over the center console, Jade grabbed Olivia’s face, squishing it as she placed a long, sloppy kiss onto one of Olivia’s cheeks.

“Aw! Gross!” Olivia complained, ripping her face from her sister’s grasp.

Throwing her head back, Jade let out a mock diabolical laugh before cranking the car to life and taking off. As they made their way out of Sophie and Olivia’s apartment complex, Jade’s phone began to ring. Seeing that it was Chelsea calling, Jade accepted the call.

“Chelsea I’m leaving Jess and Sophie’s now. What’s up?” Jade said.

There was a shuffle on Chelsea’s end of the phone before her voice came in.

“I have some bad news.” Chelsea said, slowly, causing Jade to slow down.

“Is it the Carter thing? I thought you straightened that out.” Jade said.

“Oh, we did. But, I just talked to mom and she kinda wants me to bring Todd.” Chelsea said.

Jade, Olivia, and Sophie let out a collective groan. Since they were all kids, Chelsea’s parents have been forcing Chelsea to drag Todd everywhere with her. And everywhere she brings Todd, he manages to creep on Olivia and Sophie, more so Olivia than Sophie. Every time Olivia runs into Todd at a party, he’s constantly making comments about her clothing, telling her to cover up or else she’ll ‘give some guy the wrong idea’. All in all Todd is a major buzzkill.

“What?! He’s not staying with your parents?!” Jade asked.

“Nope. Apparently they wanna play naked tag or some shit, so they need the whole fucking house.” Chelsea said, causing the girls to gag.

“Disgusting! Well if I hit-”

“Mom said to tell you not to break anything.” Chelsea said, already knowing where her best friend was headed.

Jade, Olivia, and Sophie all huffed and rolled their eyes simultaneously.

“Just tell that fucker to be ready. I’ll be there in twenty.” Jade said.

Chelsea laughed.

“Jade it takes ten minutes to get here from Jess’s.” She pointed out.

Jade sighed.

“Yeah, well, I got precious cargo. Gotta be safe.” Jade said.

Chelsea sighed before letting out a laugh.

“Whatever, just get here dork.” Chelsea said.

“I will. Eventually.” Jade said.

After saying their goodbyes, Jade turned onto the road and began making her way to her best friend’s house.

“This should be interesting.” Sophie said from the backseat.

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