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After having dinner,Chelsea, Jade, Carter, Sophie, Nate, Nat, and Olivia all sprawled out in the living room. 

    “Guys, I’m fucking bored, let’s do something!” Chelsea groaned as she fell over into her best friend’s lap.  

    “We could have a bonfire.” Nat and Nate suggested at the same time. 

Laughing, the twins high fived one another. 

    “Do they do that a lot?” Jade asked, looking over at Carter, and hooking a thumb in the twins’ direction. 

    “Every now and again. Why? You don’t like it?” He asked, causing Jade to frown. 

Jade paused for a moment, an unamused expression taking over her face. 

    “Fuck no, that’s creepy as hell.” She deadpanned, causing Carter to laugh. 

After gathering hotdogs, buns, all the ingredients for s’mores, and some pokers, the gang headed to the door while Carter headed for the stairs. 

    “Bro, where are you going?” Nat asked, as they grabbed the door handle. 

    “You can be cold if you want to, but me, I ‘m going to get a blanket.” He said, causing everyone to head for the stairs as well. 

As Jade made her way upstairs, Carter stopped her. 

    “We can share my cover if you want.” He said. 

Jade smiled a wide grin. 

    “Yeah, that sounds great.” She said, before heading back downstairs. 

Then, as the rest of the gang made their way upstairs, Olivia stopped Nat on their way up. 

    “Hey, do you maybe wanna share a cover?” She asked, butterflies fluttering through her body. 

Nat smiled a panty dropper smile. 

    “Yeah, I’ll go get the cover.” They said. 

Once everyone had their covers, the gang all made their way down to the beach. There, they found a nice spot close enough to the water to see it but not so close that they could get wet. Then, while the girls set everything up, Carter, Nat, and Nate went to search for wood. Thereafter, they dug a small whole in the sand and started the fire.

Sitting down, Jade sat beside Carter, allowing him to wrap the blanket around her. The fleece lined quilt was nice and toasty, almost as if Carter had just pulled it from the drier. 

    “Did this just come out the drier?” Jade asked, as she snuggled deeper into the covers. 

Carter grinned like a small child in a candy store. 

    “Sure did.” He said.

    “Fucking genius!” Jade complemented. 

Carter laughed. 

    “You say that now. Let’s see how smart I am when this thing cools down.” He said, causing Jade to laugh. 

Then, as everyone watched the flames crackle, Jade got an idea. 

    “Oh my gosh! We should tell ghost stories!” She said, causing Olivia to groan. 

    “Jade no, you know I scare easily!” The younger woman said. 

Nat adjusted the covers around Olivia and pulled her in closer. 

    “Don’t worry I’ll protect you.” Nat said quietly. 

Without Olivia even realizing it, the tension in her body disappeared. 

Rolling her eyes, Olivia gave in, causing Jade to smile a devilish grin. Then, clapping her hands,Jade rubbed together as if she were warming them.

“Alright kitties, this is the story of the handless fisherman…” She began. 

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