Ash and Maxine

The door slammed shut, a mixture of a moan and a groan slipping past Maxine’s lips into Ash’s mouth. 


This was wrong; Maxine and Ash knew it too; hence why they were doing it in the darkness of Ash’s old bedroom.


Below them, on the first floor of the overpriced Musume, Ash, and Kyle’s parents tried to pass off as a home, half of the graduating class of 2007 was drinking and reminiscing about high school; a time which for many of them, were the glory days. 


Mac Miller, Jon Bellion, ASAP Rocky, and countless other artists’ voices pounded against the floor beneath Maxine and Ash’s feet and against the door. But with Ash’s hand up Maxine’s skirt, Maxine’s panties pulled to the side and a single digit stroking the walls of Maxine’s vagina; any one of those artists could’ve been downstairs right now, giving a live performance, and neither Maxine nor Ash would be able to locate a single fuck to give about anything happening beyond the walls of Ash’s old room.


“Faster Ash, faster.” Maxine panted.


Maxine was an absolute mess against the door. With her dark curls matted to her face, her nails digging into Ash’s clothed shoulder, and her hips chasing after Ash’s hand, Maxine was on a high no drug could ever come close to giving her. 


“Fuck! Yes! Right there!” She yelled, thankful for the music blaring below them. 


If there was one thing Kyle and Ash knew how to do, it was how to throw a fucking party. Actually, Kyle was more of the party planner, and Ash just sent out the invites and made sure they had the alcohol. 


Back in high school, since Kyle and Ash’s parents were never home, their house was always the place to be. And while Maxine had strict parents who wouldn’t even let her check the mail without one of them watching from the window, for some unknown reason, Maxine’s parents were fine with her going to Kyle and Ash’s. Maxine would party at their house, and Kyle would walk her home the next day, pretending to be the sweet boy next door. 


Back then Maxine had no interest in Kyle or any other guy for that matter; and knowing her gun-carrying, God-fearing, homophobic parents would have drop dead if they ever knew Maxine had any interest in exploring relationships with people who identified both within and outside of the gender binary; she never bothered pursuing anything with anyone.


But even then, as she denied and hid who she was, Maxine was always intrigued by Ash. Ash was kind of a hipster; they loved ma and pa shops, local coffee shops that had open mics, and listened to artists Maxine and her friends had never heard of. 


Of course, people from Maxine and Ash’s small town talked; in fact, Maxine had gotten into serval fights, with both of her parents, about their constant misgendering of Ash. 


Maxine’s mother, Ruth, thought it was a sickness that could be prayed away, while Maxine’s father, Joseph, agreed with the sickness part, but suggested that a ‘nice boy’ would be a more suitable ‘treatment’. Maxine knew that her father wasn’t opposed to harsh ‘fixes’ for the ‘ailment known as homosexuality’, which played a great deal into her refusal to examine the feelings that she had for Ash. 


But that lack of examination didn’t make those feelings go away; and even though Maxine would never say it out loud, her constant visits to Kyle and Ash’s house, and her obsession with wanting to be ‘Ash’s best friend’, didn’t come from an entirely innocent place. But Maxine pushed and fought against those feelings. But despite all the fighting and pushing, she just couldn’t help herself; she still wanted to be in Ash’s orbit, needed it actually.


So she went after Kyle. Getting Kyle was like fishing with dynamite; All Maxine had to do was bat her eyes and touch Kyle’s arm, and like any teenage boy, he was on her like white on rice.  The hardest part about the whole operation was knowing that being with Kyle, in that way, meant that she could never be with Ash the way she truly wanted. But alas, at least she got to be around them. Even after Ash came out as non-binary, the ‘grammar arguments’ began to arise at Maxine’s dinner table, but how she felt about Ash never waived. Instead, those feelings intensified. 


Maxine knew she should have stopped, knew she should have spoken to Kyle, explained what she was feeling, and ended things; but she couldn’t. For one, what if he got mad and told her parents? She couldn’t risk losing her family and having something terrible happen to her. And on top of that, how would she explain to Kyle that she’d fallen for Ash of all people? And would Ash even want her back, considering that she’d been with their brother? 


It was all so confusing, and it made Maxine’s head hurt. So she ignored it all and decided to bury herself in Kyle. Unfortunately, getting closer to Kyle meant getting closer to Ash as well, which eventually resulted in the affair.  


It was slow and became more and more gradual over time. Maxine and Ash started off riding the line; existing in a gray zone. But over time, as feelings developed, the black and the white of it all really began to separate, and there was no more hiding; neither of them could deny how they felt any longer. 


And on top of it all, Kyle’s lack of effort in the boyfriend department wasn’t helping either. While it was never an excuse for Maxine to go and cheat, especially with Ash of all people, Kyle’s neglect didn’t help the situation either. 


As Maxine’s nails dug into Ash’s back, she struggled to keep her eyes from rolling into the back of her head.


Leaning in, Ash lathered her neck with wet, messy kisses, careful not to leave any bite marks.


As ‘Fucking Problems’ came to an end, Maxine fixed her hair as Ash licked their fingers clean. 


Maxine was never one for comparing Ash and Kyle, fucking one while dating the other was already bad enough. But, she couldn’t help but notice the difference between the two; being with Kyle was like being a show pony; being totted around town, getting shown off like Kyle’s little ‘play thing’ while all the guys gawked and catcalled her, and all the women side-eyed and slut shamed her. But with Ash, there were no expectations. Ash was the first person who didn’t always expect something from Maxine. There was no pressure, not even to dump Kyle and just be with them. 


But Maxine knew. Confiding what she and Ash had to quickies in bathrooms, offices, coat closets, and whatever else they could sneak one in, wasn’t something that she, nor Ash enjoyed. And she’d hate to lose a good thing because of the fear of judgment from people she neither never spoke to, nor didn’t give a fuck about, to get in the way of her and Ash.


Smoothing her hand over her skirt, she made her way through the house on a quest to find Kyle and do something she should have done ages ago. 

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