Parker Hall walked out into the Canadian airport along with a hundred other passengers. With their duffle bag slung across their body and their LA Dodgers cap firmly in place, Parker made their way through the airport. Swinging by baggage claim, Parker grabbed their suitcase as well as their dog, Hamilton Lucas Hall The Third’s kennel.

Hamilton was a Cane Corso, with silky fur so black it almost looked blue.

Parker had gotten him when they’d first started making money in the movie business. Back then Hamilton was only a small pup that Parker could sneak in and out of their apartment complex undetected. But now at two feet tall, sneaking him around isn’t all that easy anymore.

After gathering their belongings, Parker and Hamilton made their way to the exit where they were stopped by a tall man, who looked to be in his early twenties and a short, red head.

“Holy shit! You’re Parker Hall!” The man said excitedly.

Parker smiled as they tighten their hold on Hamilton’s leash. Hamilton has always been quite a nice dog, but he’s also very easy to excite.

“That’s me.” Parker said a bit excited themself.

Despite their attraction to women, Parker always got especially excited when getting recognized by male presenting people rather than female presenting people. Both experiences where quite enjoyable (most of the time), but there’s just something about being approached by a tall, lumberjack of a man, fangirling, or ‘fanpersoning’, as Parker’s twin Paxson likes to call it, that Parker enjoys so much.

“Aw, I love you so much. You’re such a huge inspiration, man.” The man said.

The instant the words left his mouth the man froze.

“Wait. Shit. I didn’t mean to…”The man seemed to be struggling as he clutched the back of his neck.

Parker couldn’t help but chuckle as they placed a hand on the massive man’s shoulder.

“It’s alright. I know what you meant.” Parker said with a smile.

The man smiled a boyish smile, causing the woman beside him to laugh.

“Could I maybe get a picture?” He asked, his hands going into his pocket.

Smiling, Parker nodded, causing the man to pull his phone out and shakily hand it over to the woman beside him.

“Babe could you…” he trailed off, his face reddening as she took the device from him and got into position.

The man then turned his attention back to Parker.

“Would it be alright if I put an arm around you?” He asked timidly.

The fact that he was even asking made Parker smile.

Even in a star studded city like LA, where Parker lives, that kind of consideration wasn’t very common for them. Usually when they were spotted by supporters, they would just thrust their phones into their friends’ hands and throw themselves at Parker. Although Parker usually prepares themself for that sort of thing, the sense of entitlement that some people have, and their total disregard for Parker as a person does get annoying sometimes. But then again, Parker is the one who chose this life.

“Yeah that’s fine.” Parker said with a smile.

After snapping a few photos, Parker, the man, and his girlfriend got to talking. After some pressuring from Maddie, the girlfriend, Conner pulled up his YouTube Channel.

At first Parker had every intention of telling Connor that they had to go, but after seeing some of the thumbnails for his videos, Parker grew interested. Before they knew it, Parker had watched five of Connor’s videos and was giving him tips on how to improve his story telling.

Connor soaked up every word like a sponge, making notes in his phone. Then, after thanking Parker, Connor hugged them one last time before he and his girlfriend were off.

Smiling from ear to ear, Parker subscribed to Connor’s channel, excited to see if he’d actually take their advice.

Continuing through the airport, Parker and Hamilton made their way to the exit just as their father pulled up to the curb in the same little golden, Toyota Corolla that Parker, their twin brother Paxson, and their older brother, Marcus all learned to drive in. Stopping at the curb, their father put the car in park before hopping out.

“Hiya kiddo! How was your flight?” He asked cheerfully as he made his way around the back of the car.

Dropping Hamilton’s leesh, Parker’s body collided with their father’s as his arms winded around them. Burying themself in his warm embrace, Parker took a deep breath, the smell of burnt firewood and laundry detergent filling their nose.

Despite being thirty and over six feet tall, their father never ceased to make Parker feel small and so safe.

“It was alright. God, I’ve missed you so much.” They mumbled into the fabric of their father’s sweater.

Their father squeezed them tightly, causing Parker to feel as though they were five years old all over again.

Rubbing Parker’s back, their father held onto them for dear life.

“I’ve missed you too. So much.”

The amount of emotion in his voice was almost enough to make Parker want to shatter right there in his arms; But if they did that, they’d never make it home to see their mother. So instead, Parker took a deep breath, giving their father one last squeeze, before pulling themself together and pulling back from the embrace.

Then, taking his face into their hands, Parker looked at the older version of their twin brother, Paxson. Other than their father’s salt and pepper beard, and his bald head, Teddy, Parker and Paxson’s father, and Paxson looked more like twins than Parker and Paxson did.

“Geez, you’re getting old.” Parker said, ruffling his scruffy beard.

Teddy swatted Parker’s hands away from his face.

“Oh shut up! I can still kick your ass.” Teddy said, wrangling Parker into a headlock.

The two horsed around for a minute or so before Parker finally said uncle. Then, after releasing Parker and gloating for a moment, Teddy grabbed Parker’s bags and headed for the trunk.

“Now come on. Let’s get you home so that mother of yours can fatten you up, eh?” He said with a laugh.

Chuckling, Parker open the back door of their father’s truck, allowing Hamilton to jump in while their father tossed their bags into the seat next to the dog. Then, after climbing into the truck, Teddy shifted the car into drive and they were off.

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