An Unexpected Visitor

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Dani’s stomach was a mess. Why the hell did she tell Paula she could come over? After her conversation with Clark, Dani thought about having her place bugged; while it was very much insane, she couldn’t trust herself alone with Paula. Knowing that they were being watched would help keep her in line.


But, it was too late for that; at least for today. A knock came at the door and Dani almost jumped, she needed to relax if this was gonna work.


Taking a deep breath, she took a sip of her water before opening the door.


“Hi.” She said as Paula crossed the threshold into the apartment.


Without warning Paula threw her arms around Dani, pulling her in close. Their mouths collided and Paula kissed her with a force that Dani had never felt before; it was almost as if she were trying to convey a message through the kiss. They kissed and kissed until neither woman could ignore the need for oxygen anymore.


Finally, pulling back from the embrace, Paula rested her forehead against Dani’s, her hands sliding up and down Dani’s back.


“Damn Paula, I missed you too.” Dani laughed.


Paula could feel her face heat up, causing her to laugh a little. 


“Hungry?” Dani asked, earning a nod from Paula.


Turning around Dani led Paula to the kitchen. After making two plates of baked mac n’ cheese, the women headed over to Dani’s living room where they sat on the couch.


After setting their plates on the coffee table, Dani turned to Paula who stared straight ahead. Paula’s eyes were cold and void of any emotion; it was almost as if she’d left her body. 


Despite the blank expression on her face, Dani could tell that Paula was thinking long and hard about something. 


“Have you ever seen someone shape-shift before?” Paula asked suddenly as she turned to face the other woman.


Dani frowned, mulling the question over in her mind. Was she serious? 


“I’m not sure I follow.” Dani said, her brows bunching together.


Paula shifted, and scooted closer to Dani; as much as the officer didn’t want it to, the close proximity was affecting her.


‘Friends’ Dani reminded herself.


“My dad. He’s…. We use to be best friends, and now he’s becoming someone I don’t know.” Paula said.


Dani frowned. From what she knew about the LaVines, Paula was her father’s right-hand woman. They did everything together. So whatever this shift in Pauly was, it had to be massive. The only question was what kind of change was this; good, or bad?


“It’s like greed and the desire to be powerful has taken over my teddy bear of a dad.” She continued.


Teddy bear? Now that wasn’t a word Dani would use to describe The Faceless Man, but then again, as his daughter, Paula probably saw sides of her father he reserved strictly for her.


“Ronnie, my brother-” 


Dani could feel the moisture in Paula’s throat vanishing as Paula struggled to get the words out.


Clearing her throat, Paula turned away from Dani, and for a second, Dani thought the conversation was over. Then, just when she was about to ask a question, Paula began speaking again.


“Ronnie was my older brother. Name a sport, and that kid played it.” She said with a forced laugh.


Staring at the wall, Paula struggled to find her words and Dani noticed.


Sliding closer to her, Dani rubbed Paula’s back and after a moment Paula began speaking again.


“He had a bum knee. A bum fucking knee! And it cost him his life.” Paula said just above a whisper.


The first tear fell and Dani pulled Paula into her. Holding Paula tightly, Dani allowed the other woman to fall apart in her arms. Paula cried and cried until she had no more tears to shed. Then, leaning over, she placed her head in Dani’s lap and Dani ran her fingers through Paula’s hair, doing her best to soothe the other woman. 


Dani’s heart broke for Paula. Just the other day Dani thought that Paula had some ulterior motive and was looking to gain something or use Dani in some sort of way. But after listening to Paula share something so intimate with her, Dani felt guilty. If she weren’t a cop and Paula wasn’t the daughter of Pauly LaVine, then they could have had something special.


But maybe she was done with her father? Though Paula held a lot back, from what Dani knew from the various stakeouts the officers had been on Pauly and his men were most likely moving drugs; maybe heroin or crack cocaine. And from what she knew about the death of Ronnie, this had to cut deep for Paula.


Brushing her fingers through Paula’s hair, Dani did her best to soothe the other woman. Dani felt bad for Paula, and the fact that Paula had come to her door at a time like this probably meant that Paula had no one else besides her father. 


Sighing to herself, Dani laid back on the couch and pulled a blanket over Paula and herself. She could debate the morality of whatever this thing between her and Paula was tomorrow. 

What do we think about Paula conviding in Dani? Do you think Dani will fess up to Paula about who she really is? What if Paula figures it out on her own?

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By Cephinise Modestin

I once told my mom I wanted to be God.... she wasn’t happy about that. I don’t think God was either, cause I got electrocuted a few hours later. Coincidence? I think not. So I gave that up on that dream and decided to go with a much safer career path... Being a writer. I build worlds, put people in those worlds, and most importantly, I tell stories of the LGBTQIA+ community.

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