An Interrupted Celebration

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“To one hundred and one homes.” Alexis said cheering her wife.


It was Saturday night, and Carter was over at his father’s house, much to his dismay, and Tucker was over at a friend’s house.


“Any excuse to drink champagne.” Sarah said, shaking her head as the glasses clinked together.


The couple didn’t properly get to celebrate the sale of Sarah’s hundredth home since it came in the middle of the week. But now that it was the weekend, Alexis was full of ideas as to how she’d show her wife just how proud of her she was.


With the coffee table pushed off to the side, the wives sat in the middle of their rug with chocolate-covered strawberries and various other snacks surrounding them. 


With Sarah working to get everything finalized for Xena’s home, and Alexis working on her show, the women barely had time for one another. Most of the time Alexis would come home to an already past out Xena, having missed dinner. Then, in the mornings, Xena was gone long before the other woman awoke.


“I missed you.” Alexis said, leaning into the realtor.


Xena smirked as her wife leaned into her, chocolate clinging to the other woman’s bottom lip.


Opening her mouth, Xena collected the chocolate on her tongue, earning a groan from the other woman. 


“Oh yeah? Show me.” Xena said, her voice course with desire.


“Fucking asshole!” yelled Carter from the foyer, startling the two women.


The women shared a questioning look before rising to their feet.


“Cart, what are you- Oh my God! Baby what happened to you?” Xena yelled as she and her wife made their way over to their son.


Carter winced as Alexis placed a hand on the boy’s bruised cheek.


“Dad got shit-faced again, and I got roped into his shit again.” Carter said.


Gently pushing past his mother’s, he made his way into the living room.


Upon seeing the wine glasses, candles, and chocolates, and hearing the soft hum of R&B, Carter stopped dead in his tracks and turned around.


“Aw shit, I’m sorry.” He said, his anger fizzling into remorse.


He knew how hard it was for his mothers to find alone time. 


“That doesn’t matter, tell us what happened to your face.” Sarah said.


Carter began walking again and the women followed after him, thinking that he was avoiding being questioned but, as he crossed over into the kitchen, he began talking.


“Fucking dad took me to a bar, got shitfaced, and was being the typical asshole that he always is. Sorry for swearing.” Carter said, throwing that last bit in as he pulled the freezer open.


Alexis’ eyes nearly tripled in size. 


“He took you to a bar!” She yelled.


Alexis and Michael often argued about what was and wasn’t appropriate for their sons. Michael was the stricter of the two, often getting upset when Alexis would allow their boys to stay home from school, allow Carter to drop the occasional F-bomb, and many other things. Alexis knew that Michael’s constant opposition to Alexis’s style of parenting had more so to do with him being butt hurt and less to do with what he saw to be fit for their children. It was all just a ploy to get under her skin.


“Yeah. Nate’s in town, and after picking me up from school, Nate got a text from some girl he’s been seeing and rather than dropping me off at home like I asked about a million and one times, they just took me with them.” Carter explained.

Ahh, Nathan, Michael’s good for nothing baby brother. That saying of becoming your five closest friends had never been more true than in the case of Michael and his friends; Only Michael didn’t have friends, he had Nathan and Nathan’s low-life group of friends that mooched off of him.


Alexis never liked her ex-brother-in-law, and he was the source of many of her and Michael’s arguments. Alexis would bet money that he was a big part of the reason Michael became so unrecognizable towards the end of their marriage. 


Shaking her head, Alexis examined her son’s face yet again.


“Mom, I’m fine. It was an accident, collateral damage in the bar fight.” He said, pulling his face from her grabs.


Alexis sighed, she was going to kill Michael.


“It’s really not that bad. I was just stopping in to get some ice before going to Shay’s. It’s movie night.” Carter said, batting his eyes.


Alexis rolled her eyes.


“Are you sure you’re fine?” She asked, searching his eyes.


As a kid, Carter was often at the center of Alexis and Michael’s fights and because of that, her son grew up downplaying many things to avoid causing drama between his parents.

 Regardless of his answer to her question, Alexis was still planning on ripping her ex a new one; But, she wanted to know that her son was alright before she went on the warpath.


“Yeah, mom. I told you, it was an accident, and nothing compared to the guys that were actually in the fight.” He said.


Alexis turned his head one more time to get a look at the bruise.


“Well, you’re my baby boy, not them.” She said.


“Technically Tuck’s your baby boy. Not me.” Carter said.


Still holding her son’s chin, she turned his head so that he was now looking at her.


“Shut up, you both are.” She said before kissing his cheek.


After saying goodbye to his mothers, Carter snagged his key from the hook and made his way out the door.


“I’m gonna fucking kill Michael.” Sarah said as she turned to her wife.


Xena had heard those words leave her wife’s mouth quite a few times since meeting her, and normally she would laugh and offer to help hide the body; But this time, she wasn’t so sure her wife was joking.

Oh no, looks like Micheal’s in big trouble. You think what think Sarah’s gonna do to her ex?

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