Wait a second. Before you dive into this story, have you read The Doctor’s Office?

Perry sat on the examining table, their eyes sealed shut. With their shirt and binder discarded on the side table, Perry fisted their hands at their side and took deep breaths.

‘This is all part of the process. All part of the process.’ Perry chanted in their head.

Dr. Roman’s hands were about a thousand degrees below freezing, he had to be a reptile of some sort. As he marked where he would cut the day of, Perry did their best not to panic.

“And then voila, no more breast!” Perry barely heard him say.

When they opened their eyes, Perry looked up to find Dr. Roman and Jasmine staring at them as though they were about to detonate. Offering a kind, almost father-like smile, Dr. Roman placed a hand on Perry’s shoulder, causing them to look up for the first time since removing their shirt.

“While I don’t know what it’s like to be dysphoric, I have been dissatisfied with my body. I know this can be scary, but trust me, once you take off the bandages, you won’t regret it. ” Dr. Roman said with a smile.

After taking off his gloves and washing his hands, the surgent exited the room, giving Perry and Jasmine some privacy.

“How are you feeling?” Jasmine asked as the door closed behind the doctor.

“I know it’s his job, and part of the process but I can’t handle the touching.” Perry said as they pulled on their sports bra.

Jasmine nodded understandingly. While she never felt anything even remotely close to what Perry feels about their chest, Jasmine and Perry have had a multitude of conversations about Perry’s body, and where to touch and where not to touch. When they frist started having sex, they experimented with positions, toys, and other things to help Perry feel comfortable, and at the center of all Perry’s discomfort was their chest; which was why they kept their shirt on durning sex.

“Well soon those things will be gone, and you’ll be free!” Jasmine said, throwing her hands in the air.

Perry poked their head through their shirt and gave a little fist pump.

“I can’t wait to be chest to chest.” Perry smirked, as they threw a wink Jasmine’s way.

Jasmine playfully scoffed and rolled her eyes, pretending to be annoyed.

Hopping off the table, Perry hooked a finger into the belt loop of their girlfirend’s shorts and pulled her flush against them.

“Tell me you’re not dying to fall back on my sweaty chest after a good long fuck.” Perry whispered against Jasmine’s neck.

Jasmine partially melted at the words; her pussy beginning to weep.

Biting her bottom lip, she mustered up all the courage she had and pushed Perry away.

“Put your shirt on whore. I wanna make it back to the hotel before the Men In Black marathon starts on SYFY.” Jasmine half lied.

While there really was a marathon, she wasn’t sure if it had started or whether or not she actually wanted to watch. But, as Perry released her hips and grabbed their shirt, Jasmine patted herself on the back for managing to get Perry off of her.

“To be continued.” Perry said, as they got dressed.

Then, hand in hand, the couple made their way out of the hospital.

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