After Care Plan


Perry grabbed the remote from the bedside and hit the up button propping themself up. As the bed went from lying completely flat to an upright position, Jasmine began to stir from her place on the small black couch, just a few feet away.

“Ahh shit, I woke you.” Perry said, causing Jasmine to chuckle.

“Babe it’s fine. I should be up, tending to you.” Jasmine said, causing Perry to shake their head.

“No, that’s what the nurses are for.” Perry said.

Then, almost as if she’d been summoned, a short, older lady with salt and pepper hair appeared.

“Knock knock. Is it alright if I come in?” She asked.

Perry and Jasmine gave a simultaneous yes, causing the older woman to smile as she entered the room.

“Okay Ms. Bailey, says here that you just got done with surgery and are going the pill free route.” The woman said, never looking up from the chart.

At the sound of their dead name, Perry felt as if all the air in their body had been punched out of them. Meanwhile beside them, Jasmine was cool, calm, and collected. Clearing her throat, Jasmine spoke up.

“Actually they go by Perry.” She said sweetly.

The woman laughed nervously.

“I’m sorry. You’d think with Perry being here for top surgery, the receptionist would mark that on the chart.” The nurse said with a shake of her head.

Then, after scribbling something down, she closed the chart, clicked her pen, and looked up; all in one quick motion.

“So sorry about that. So, Perry, is now a good time to go over a few things with you? I know it’s early, so I can always come back.” Said the nurse.

Perry shook their head.

“No, now’s fine.” They said,

Pulling some papers from a folder she had with her, the nurse began to go over Perry’s discharge plan and recommendations for how they should proceed after they got out of the hospital. Wanting to provide Perry with the best at home care, Jasmine asked about a billion and one questions, and scribbled down the answers to them all.

“Sorry I asked so many questions, I just want to make sure they’re well taken care of when we get home.” Jasmine said with a nervous smile.

“Oh don’t be. I’m sure Perry’s so lucky to have a … girlfriend?” The nurse questioned, causing the couple to smile and nod.

“Yes!” The woman said, clapping one powerful clap, causing Perry and Jasmine to laugh.

Clearing her throat, the nurse smooth her hands over her uniform and pulled her professional mask back into place.

“Well. I just have some paperwork I need to go over with y’all before Perry gets discharged.” She explained.

After a mountain of paperwork, the nurse exited the room.

“I can’t wait to be home and hold you in my arms.” Perry said, pulling Jasmine closer.

Standing beside their bed, Jasmine leaned down and kissed Perry with all she had. Then, when the urge to climb into the bed with them began to rise, she pulled back.

“What’s wrong?” Perry asked, rubbing Jasmin’s lower back.

“You’re being cruel. Kissing me like that when you know I can’t have you.” Jasmine said with a pout.

“What, we just had sex the other day!” Perry laughed, their hand going to Jasmine’s ass.

Jasmine’s first instinct was to swatt Perry’s arm; But, being that Perry just had top surgery, that probably won’t feel good. So instead she scooted out of their grasp.

“That was the other day! Wait, what am I saying?! You just had surgery, we shouldn’t be talking about this! I’m the worst girlfriend ever!” Said Jasmine.

Chuckling, Perry held their hand out.

“Come here.” They said, causing Jasmine to step forward.

Bringing her hand up to their lips, Perry placed a kiss on the back of her hand. Then, looking up into Jasmine’s eyes, Perry spoke.

“You’re the best girlfriend anyone could ever ask for. You take care of me, you love me, even when I’m being an ass, and you’re here. That’s all I could ever ask for.” Perry said sincerely.

Jasmine paused for a moment, staring down at Perry.

“I can’t wait to marry the shit out of you.” Jasmine said, a tear forming in her eye.

“I can’t wait to marry the shit out of you either.” Perry said with a chuckle.

Leaning down, Jasmine was careful not to put any pressure on Perry as she kissed them with all her might. Then, pulling back, she rested her forehead against Perry’s.

“I love you.” Jasmine said in a dazed voice.

“I love you more.” Perry said, nuzzling their girlfriend’s nose.

Jasmine scoffed.

“Impossible. But you keep on thinking that.” She whispered, her mouth hovering over Perry’s.

Then, moving forward, Jasmine kissed Perry like it was the last time she’d ever be able to.

So now we know Perry’s dead name. What do you think of them being dead named by the nurse? If you were Perry how would you react?

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