A Trip To The Lake

The door squeaked so loud Austin was sure he’d wake the whole neighborhood. 

Cringing, he tucked his bottom lip between sharp teeth as he slowed his movements. Slipping through the small space between the screen door and the door frame, he successfully slid out of the house. After guiding the screen door back into place, he gave a victorious fist pump, causing the waiting audience of teenagers to laugh.


“Hurry up!” Bethany, Austin’s best friend whisper yelled.


Tiptoeing off the porch, Austin made his way onto the dirt path. The second his foot landed on the dirt, he took off in full a sprint. 


Myles’ tires squealed as he peeled off; so much for making a quiet getaway. Oh well.


Taylor Swift’s Wildest Dreams played loudly through Myles’s speakers as Bethany shouted over the music.


“I’m telling you, if I were a man, I’d have the biggest cock!” She yelled, swinging her beer bottle back and forth between the boys.


“How many of those have you had?” Austin laughed, eyeing the girl through the rearview mirror.


Bethany looked down at her hands, attempting to calculate the number as Austin turned around to look at Emily, Bethany’s girlfriend.


“Why would you even let her get like this?” He teased.


“Me?! I let her get like this?! You know she doesn’t listen to a damn thing I say!” Emily shouted.


“Four!” Bethany finally shouted, shoving her hand in Austin’s face.


That was a lie and they all knew it.


Shaking his head, Austin turned around in his seat so that he was facing the front.


“Yep, that’s your bestie.” Myles said, shaking his head.


After stopping for snacks, Myles, Austin, and the girls finally made it to the lake. As they pulled up Bethany hopped out of the Jeep and headed straight for the water.


“Babe no! You don’t have a change of clothes!” Emily yelled, running after her girlfriend.


The guys laughed as they leaned against the Jeep, watching as Emily chased the other girl around.


“Summer’s almost over.” Myles said, knocking his boyfriend’s shoulder with his own.


Austin huffed.


“Oh God! Don’t remind me.” He said, rolling his eyes.


High school was now over, and since Austin had the bright idea of not going to college, he was being forced to work for his father at the hardware store. Austin didn’t mind the job; It was his father that he couldn’t stand. Ever since Austin came out his junior year, his father’s been acting weird. Jared, Austin’s father wasn’t homophobic, or at least not towards his son; But he was strange. After Austin came out, Jared made sure to always be covered up when around his son. What was he afraid of? Even if Austin was attracted to older men, Jared was HIS FATHER. On top of that, he never wanted to spend time with his son anymore. Even with others, if Austin was going, Jared didn’t want to be there. But fuck it, Austin and Myles had plans to leave their small town as soon as August rolled around.


“Are you nervous about living together?” Myles asked, resting his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder.


Austin laughed.


“Are you forgetting middle school?” Austin asked.


Myles shook his head.


“We were kids then, and we had separate beds.” Myles pointed out.


“Are you saying you want separate beds this time too?” The other man asked.


Myles stroked his hairless chin as if he were thinking.


“Asshole!” Austin said, knocking his shoulder against his boyfriend’s.


Myles laughed as he attempted to wrap his arms around the other man.


“No! Don’t touch me!” Austin said, turning his back to his boyfriend.


Myles laughed as he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend.


“Aw come on. You know I love you.” Myles said.


Austin turned around in his boyfriend’s arms. Wrapping his arms around the other man’s neck, Austin kissed his boyfriend slowly.


Kissing Myles was something Austin would never grow tired of doing. People said high school romances don’t last forever, but Austin could feel it in his bones that this was different. But, even if it did end, he’d never forget his first love. 


As the men pulled apart, they heard a loud splash.


“Bethany! I swear, I’m gonna kill you!” Emily yelled.


“We should probably go help her.” Myles said.


“Yeah, we should.” Austin agreed.


So hand in hand, the boyfriends headed to the water. It was a good thing Myles always kept towels in his car. 

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