A Temporary Goodbye

Marvin stared out the window of his New York City highrise. The snow-covered city below was stunning. Winter was his favorite time of year; great for hot coco, Christmas music, even though it was still October, and snow; lots and lots of snow. It was the perfect time of year for spending the day in pajamas, curled up in bed with the one he loved. But alas, this year, he’d be curled up in bed alone.


Above Marvin, on the second floor, his husband, Calvin was currently packing his bags to hit the road. 


Marvin tried not to think about the fact that Calvin would miss Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If they were lucky, Calvin would make it back before the ball dropped; but Marvin wouldn’t hold his breath.


Marvin understood that it wasn’t Calvin’s fault. If Calvin had it his way, Marvin would be hitting the road with him, but that wasn’t the case. Plus, Marvin had work to do. 


The sound of footsteps on the stairs broke Marvin from his sad state. Turning around, he took in his husband who stood at the bottom of the staircase.


“I don’t wanna go.” Calvin said, sounding like a child.


Marvin laughed as he made his way over to his husband.


“I know baby.” Marvin said, placing a hand to Calvin’s chest.


Calvin took Marvin’s mug from him, taking a sip as Marvin pressed a kiss to his neck. 

Calvin smelled like Icy Blast Irish Spring, and Calvin Kline cologne, a pairing that Marvin associated only with his husband. Whenever Calvin left for tour, Marvin usually packed the items away, not being able to bare the scent without bawling. 


“I love you.” Marvin said, burying his face into his husband’s neck.


Calvin was too busy drinking the rest of his husband’s hot coco to respond, but as he slid his hand down Marvin’s back and squeezed his ass, Marvin felt what his husband couldn’t say.


Calvin finished the drink and as he set the mug on the piano, Marvin took his husband’s face in his hands and pressed a kiss to Calvin’s lips.


Kissing Calvin could easily be classified as Marvin’s favorite pastime. No matter what was going on around them, whenever the men kissed, to Marvin, it was as if time had come to a halt. 


Calvin kissed Marvin slow and easy, his tongue brushing over Marvin’s as if Calvin were painting Marvin’s tongue with his own.


A sharp knock came at the door, and the hands of time began moving again as the men pulled apart.


Marvin rested his head against Calvin’s and fought back tears as Calvin ran his thumb across Marvin’s cheek.


“It’s open!” The men yelled in unison.

A second later, the door opened, and Jerry, one of Calvin’s band members opened the door.


As the rest of the band filed into the condo, the husbands pulled apart and turned to face the band.


“Ready?” Sarah, the drummer of the band, said.


If anyone understood how hard this was for the two men, it was her. Sarah had grade school-aged children, and a wife and they hated when Sarah had to leave. 

Watching Sarah say goodbye to her family time and time again, was a big part of the reason the husbands decided not to have children; that, and they enjoyed having very expensive and very breakable things. 


“I guess.” Calvin said with a sigh.


Calvin’s bandmates grabbed his bags as Calvin and Marvin made their way out the door. 


Calvin and Marvin held onto each other as they rode the elevator down to the lobby. Then, when they stepped off the elevator, Marvin kissed his husband one final time before getting back on the elevator.


One thing Marvin didn’t do well with was watching his husband leave. It didn’t matter how many times he did it, Marvin never grew accustomed to watching his husband leave. 


As the elevator took him back upstairs, it just so happened that it stopped on his best friend Hailey’s floor. 


With her arms filled with all of Marvin’s favorite snacks, the pair silently made their way back up to Marvin’s place. Inside, Hailey dropped the snacks on the coffee table before sitting on the couch and allowing Marvin to lay his head in her lap. 


“He’ll be home soon.” She said, combing her fingers through his hair.


“I know.” Marvin said as the first tear fell.


Like the good friend she is, Hailey sat there, combing Marvin’s hair as he cried in her lap. 


Being apart really sucked. 

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