A Much Better Fit

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Ruby stared into the eyes of the woman that she loved more than life itself. A bit cliche, but true nevertheless. There wasn’t a thing Ruby wouldn’t do for Sarah; So when Sarah suggested they head to city hall and get married, Ruby thought, fuck it, why not? After all, they were already dressed for the occasion. As they held hands, the women spoke from their hearts, promising to love and honor each other for the rest of their days. After exchanging rings, Sarah gripped Ruby’s face and held it in place as she kissed her wife like it was the last time she’d ever get to.

“Okay, we get it, you’re in love!” Jake, one of Sarah and Ruby’s oldest friends yelled.

Pulling apart, the women laughed before getting a couple of pictures alone and then together with their friends. After thanking the judge, they made their way outside and towards Ruby’s van.

“So where to now!” Jake asked, cranking the van to live.

“To the bar!” Sarah yelled as Ruby pulled her in close and kissed her neck.

Jake nodded as Sarah turned and attached her lips to Ruby’s.

Sarah and Ruby made out while their friends hung out the windows, hooting and hollering the whole ride there.

Back at the church, many of the wedding guests were still in shock.

“How can this be happening?” Bill, Sarah’s father, asked as he paced up and down the aisle.

By now all of the wedding guests had left the church, leaving only Bill, Mike, Sarah’s mother, Annie, and Mike’s parents, Roger and Jenny. 

Pacing up and down the aisle, Mike pressed his phone to his ear.

“Sarah I don’t know what that freak said to you before the wedding, but just come back, please. I know weddings can be scary but just come back, or better yet meet me at home and we can talk about this. I love you.” Mike said with a sigh. 


Sarah and Ruby spent the night bar-hopping with their friends before deciding to call it quits and heading back to Ruby’s. 

As they entered the studio apartment, the severity of everything that had just taken place finally hit Ruby. While she didn’t regret a single thing that happened, doubt and fear that Sarah would soon come to regret it began to set in.

Sarah had spent the better, or worse depending on who you asked, part of a year planning her and Mike’s wedding and at the very last minute, she threw it all away. With all the adrenaline coursing through her body, Ruby feared what would come once the dust had settled. 

“Oh wifey.” Sarah called from the bedroom, pulling Ruby from her thoughts.

Turning to the right, Ruby’s jaw fell slack as she stared at her goddess of a wife standing in the doorway. 

All of Ruby’s fears about how her wife may have been feeling vanished as she took in the other woman.

Dressed in white lingerie that left quite little to the imagination, Sarah leisurely leaned against the door frame. Crooking her finger in a ‘come here’ motion, Sarah called her wife over to her.

Like a gravitational pull, Ruby was up and floated over to Sarah. 

“Need something?” Ruby asked, allowing her eyes to wander. 

Sarah could practically feel her wife caressing her body with her gaze; she’d never felt more desired.

“It’s shower time,” Sarah said, just above a whisper.

Ruby’s eyes darkened as she took a step back and hungrily looked her wife over.

“Then let’s go,” Ruby said.

Hooking her finger between the buttons of the other woman’s shirt, Sarah pulled her into the room. 

One by one, Sarah leisurely undid the buttons of Ruby’s shirt before throwing it open and giving her access to more and more skin. With every inch that appeared, Sarah covered the newly exposed skin with red lipstick stained kisses. Then, when she finally made it to the last button, Sarah stood up and pushed the shirt off her wife’s shoulders. Running her hands down Ruby’s arms, Sarah pushed the shirt completely off, allowing it to fall to the ground. Thereafter, she kissed her way across Ruby’s chest, licking her nipple before licking her top surgery scar. 

Pushing Ruby onto the bed, Sarah mounted her and began kissing her way down the other woman’s body before reaching the waistline of her pants. Then, pausing for a moment, Sarah looked up at her lover through her lashes. 

“May I?” She asked. 

“What happened to that shower?” Ruby smirked.

Sarah ran a hand up her wife’s thigh.

“No sense in showering now if we’re just gonna get all hot and sweaty afterward.” Sarah said.

Ruby chuckled as she allowed the other woman to pull her out of her slacks and boxers. Then, settling between Ruby’s legs, Sarah lay flat on her stomach, pushing one of Ruby’s legs to the side, and kissed her way up Ruby’s other leg. Upon reaching Ruby’s thigh, Sarah flatted her tongue, licking one long stripe right between her wife’s labia and her thigh.

“No Sarah, come on, it’s our wedding night! No teasing!” Ruby pleaded, her hips instinctively rising off the bed.

Sarah laid a firm arm across her wife’s hips, pinning the other woman to the bed.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Sarah said, allowing her breath to blow against Ruby’s hot core.

Ruby tossed her head back and groaned.

“Sarah!” She called out in need and frustration.

Again Sarah lowered her head and licked another long line between Ruby’s left labia and her thigh. Sarah moved agonizingly slow, causing her wife’s back to bow off the bed.

“Sarah, please!” Ruby called out, her voice a little strained.

Sarah chuckled before leaning forward and placing a kiss on Ruby’s moun, dangerously close to where Ruby needed her most.

“And you have me. We’re wives, remember?” Sarah laughed, purposely blowing against Ruby’s wet core.

“Sarah, I swear to god! Two can play this game.” Ruby said in a warning tone.

If there was one thing Sarah knew about her wife it was that Ruby was a master when it came to teasing. Ruby knew Sarah’s body like the back of her hand; it wouldn’t take much for her to bring Sarah to the edge of her sanity and allow her to fall over. 

So, heeding her wife’s warning, Sarah dropped the game and drove face-first into her wife. 

All night they made love until both were too exhausted to do anything other than fall fast asleep.

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  1. This flowed so nicely; I really enjoyed reading this. Thank you for sharing!

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