A Long Time Coming

“So how long do you think we’ll be in New York for?” Jasmine asked as she opened the coat closet and pulled out her blue suitcase.

Jasmine’s partner, Perry, sat on the couch, their feet kicked up on the coffee table.

“I don’t know, maybe a few weeks. I wanna go early so we can see the sites before I have my surgery.” Perry said before tossing a handful of popcorn into their mouth.

Closing the closet door, Jasmine rolled the suitcase across the apartment, dropping it off in the bedroom before joining Perry on the couch.

“Are you nervous at all?” Jasmine asked.

Perry paused for a moment, seeming to mull it over in their head.

“I mean I’ve been waiting a long time for this day, but it still doesn’t feel real. Like I keep thinking I’m gonna get there and find out I have the wrong day; Or I’m at the wrong office, or something crazy like that.” Perry said, the anxiety building in their eyes.

Jasmine sighed sympathetically before running a hand through Perry’s hair. Rubbing the pads of her fingers against her lover’s scalp, Jasmine did her best to sooth them. For Perry this had been a long time coming and Jasmine knew how much this meant to them.

“Wanna check the calendar again?” Jasmine suggested, her hand falling to Perry’s neck, where she massaged it.

Perry shook their head.

“No, I triple checked everything like an hour ago. But the stupid butterflies in my stomach won’t stop fluttering.” They said, sounding both frustrated and somewhat frightened at the same time.

Hopping up onto her knees, Jasmine swung a leg over Perry’s legs and sat in their lap. Hooking her hands behind their head, she looked deep into the forest green eyes she’s stared into so many times before.

“Baby everything’s gonna be fine. You did all your homework, you know everything about the hospital we’re going to and everything about Dr. Roman. I’m surprised you aren’t Facebook friends with the man at this point.” Jasmine said with a laugh.

Perry hung their head and huffed.

“He denied my request.” They said, causing Jasmine to gasp.

“Babe! You did not!” She said trying to gage whether they were being serious or not.

“No, no. I’m just kidding. But we do follow each other on Instagram though.” They said.

Jasmine squinted her eyes.

“You’re full of shit.” She said, staring her partner down.

Shifting on the couch, Perry pulled out their phone and pulled up their Instagram followers.

“Oh my gosh babe, you’re ridiculous!” Jasmine shouted tapping on Dr. Roman’s name.

When she pulled up the doctor’s profile, she expected to find photos of him in scrubs, and some photos of his patiences. But instead she was greeted with photos of the doctor with what looked to be his wife, or maybe girlfriend, along with friends and family.

“Babe this is his personal account! I bet you spent all day digging through his pictures didn’t you?” She asked, scrolling through the doctor’s post.

Perry playfully snatched their phone back.

“It wasn’t a dig! It was necessary research on the man that’s gonna be cutting me up. But anyways, Dr. Roman does a LOT of non-binary people, so that’s a major plus.” Perry said as they tossed their phone to the side and looked back at their girlfriend.

“Oh, love that.” Jasmine said, causing Perry to nod eagerly.

“And the hospital also has counselors that you can talk to before and after surgery, and it’s all covered by the insurance!” Perry said excitedly.

Jasmine gave a little dance and a clap.

“Babe! That’s amazing!” She said.

Perry opened their mouth to speak when they noticed the flashing green numbers on the clock that read six ten.

“It is. But we should probably finish packing and start getting ready for bed.” Perry said, pointing at the clock.

Agreeing, Jasmine gave them a quick peck before jumping to her feet and pulling Perry up. Hand in hand, the couple grabbed the suitcase and made their way to their bedroom. When they got into the room, Jasmine unzipped the suitcase and tossed it on the bed while Perry went into their closet. Then, as Jasmine pulled socks from the dresser, she looked up to find Perry standing in the doorway of the closet, their hands full with bras.

“Um babe, I don’t think you’ll need that many bras. You’re getting your tits chopped off, remember?” She said biting her bottom lip.

Perry smiled big and wide.

“Oh I know. I’m gonna burn these.” They said with excited eyes.

“All of them?! Can I at least have a few?” Jasmine asked, her eyes doubling in size.

“Sure.”Perry said as they opened their arms, allowing the bras to spill onto the bed.

After Jasmine collected all the bras she wanted, Perry tossed the rest into their suitcase along with their folded up close. Then, when the couple was all done, they headed to the front door of their loft and set the bags down before making their way back upstairs to take a shower. Then,after a quick shower, they headed back into their bedroom where they began changing into their pajamas.

“I can’t wait to sleep on your bare chest.” Jasmine said as she watched Perry slip into their nightshirt.

After poking their head through the shirt, Perry smiled a bright smile.

“Me neither.” said Perry.

Then, getting into bed, the couple curled up together and fell fast asleep.

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