A Good Day

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Carter held the blunt between his lips and shielded the flame of his lighter from the wind. After getting the blunt started, he tossed the lighter onto the deck where everyone’s clothes sat. Then, taking in a deep breath, he filled his lungs with smoke, all the while, using his other hand to direct his inner tube over to Jade. 

    “You fuckers better not drop the blunt. I haven’t rolled one this perfect since high school.” He said, handing the blunt over to Jade. 

Raising the joint to her lips, she took a couple of hits before puffing out smoke rings as she handed the blunt over to her sister. 

    “Show off.” Olivia muttered as she took the blunt. 

The blunt made a couple rounds, going from hand to hand. Then, after about the third completion of ‘the hand off circle’, Olivia tapped out. 

    “I’m done.” She laughed, beginning to feel the effects of the weed. 

Not long after, Nat and Nate followed behind her. Chelsea tried to hang on the best she could but between the constant floating around, and the light headed feeling, she had to throw in the towel. 

That only left Carter and Jade. While everyone else laid sprawled out in the sun, spent from their highs and the sunshine, for Carter and Jade it was a walk in the park. Passing the blunt back and forth, Carter and Jade discussed conspiracies and hypotheticals, and dream-like scenarios. Then, when the blunt was to low to burn anymore, Carter put it out before pocketing it. Thereafter the gang continued to float around and swim. 

Then, as the sky began to change from a light blue to a cotton candy swirl of pinks, purple’s, and orange, the gang all climbed out of the lake. 

    “Damn, that was a pretty good day.” Chelsea said as they loaded the car up. 

    “Yeah, and a little backyard grilling is the best way to end this great day.” Nate said. 

    “Oh my gosh, this guy’s a fucking genius!” Jade said, high fiving Nate. 

After getting the truck all packed up, Carter swung by the house, where he, Jade, Chelsea, and Nate all got out. 

Then, hopping in the driver’s seat, Nat headed off to the store with Olivia and Sophie to get the items on the list that the gang had created on the way back to the cabin. 

Olivia and Nat made their way down the bread aisle, the two playfully bumping shoulders as they went. 

    “The summer’s coming to an end.” Nat pointed out. 

Dropping her head back, Olivia groaned before turning to look at Nat. 

    “Don’t remind me.” She said with a huff. 

Nat laughed. 

    “I thought you liked school.” Nat said. 

    “I do, but I’m ready for it to be over. I’ve been in school since I was four.” She said. 

Olivia had always been the smartest in all her classes and graduated high school earlier, alongside Jade rather than with Sophie and the rest of her friends. Back when she was in middle school, she’d been given the opportunity to skip a grade and go off to high school but, she declined, wanting to be with Sophie. But when she got the same offer again the summer before what was supposed to be her junior year, Olivia jumped on the opportunity. She used what was supposed to be her senior year as a gap year and headed off to college with Sophie and the rest of their friends that following year. 

    “Yeah, I barely made it through high school, I couldn’t imagine going to college.” Nat laughed. 

Olivia frowned. 

    “But you’re so bright. How’d you barely make it?” She asked. 

Nat laughed yet again. 

    “In order to make it through high school, one must actually go to school. Carter, Nate, and I use to cut class or just not go all together.” Nat explained. 

    “Ahh, you’re one of those students. Too cool for school?” Olivia asked with a knowing smirk.

Nat playfully rolled their eyes. 

“No, it’s just that Carter Nate, and I would spend all our time making movies. Sometimes the shoots would run until the wee hours of the morning. Our parents only required us to go just enough so that we didn’t get in trouble for truancy.” Nat explained. 

Olivia shook her head. 

“Your parents sound cool as hell. My aunt wouldn’t let me miss school unless I was dying.” Said Olivia. 

“Yeah, mom and dad have always had the perfect balance of  parent and friend. I don’t know how they did it, but they did it really fucking well.” Nat said with a smile. 

After getting the rest of the needed items for the cookout, Nat, Olivia, and Sophie made their way to the register. 

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