A Domestic Morning

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Alexis’s phone lit up her corner of the room as the sound of chirping birds grew louder and louder. 


“No.” The realtor complained from beside her.


Winding her arms around her wife, Sarah pulled Alexis back under the covers. 


“Babe I have to turn the alarm off.” Alexis laughed, slapping her wife’s hands.


Sarah reluctantly released her hold, allowing Alexis to get up and turn off the alarm. The second the room was silent again, Sarah pulled the other woman back under the covers, causing Alexis to laugh. 


“Babe, I have to go. If I’m late my producers are going to kill me.” Alexis said.


Despite her words, Alexis made no attempt to get up. 


“No, just get a guest host and stay here with me.” Sarah mumbled as she pressed kisses into the back of her wife’s neck. 


Alexis inhaled sharply through her teeth. Closing her eyes, she fought the urge not to grab her phone and call up her producer and pretend to be sick. As she was weighing the pros and cons of doing so, a knock came at the women’s bedroom door. 


“It’s open!” The wives yelled simultaneously.


A moment later the door opened, and in walked Carter, Alexis’s son from a previous marriage.


“Can I get a ride to school?” He asked, leaning against the door frame.


“Can’t you just take your car?” Sarah asked.


“My car ?” He repeated, his eyes nearly doubling in size.


Alexis couldn’t help but laugh at the bewildered look on her son’s face.  


On Carter’s sixteenth birthday Alexis and Sarah had presented Carter with a key to his favorite car, a cherry red, 66 Dodge Challenger. The women told Carter that if he kept up with his school work, and brought his own gas, they’d cover insurance and give him money for tools and parts. Of course, Carter excitedly agreed to his mother’s terms.


Somehow, Micheal,Carter’s father, and Alexis’s ex, found out about the arrangement, and he was not thrilled in the slightest. Calling Sarah up, Micheal went on and on about how Alexis and Sarah were spoiling their sons and how Sarah should have ‘asked him first’ because Carter couldn’t ‘possibly handle such a powerful car’.


Micheal and Sarahwent back and forth on the issue for a while until Sarah finally said fuck it and dropped the subject. But Carter was about to be eighteen, and Sarah figured after all the hard work he had put into learning about the car and fixing it himself, he more than earned that car. If it weren’t for him, the thing wouldn’t even be running. 


Leaning over into her nightstand drawer, Sarah pulled out the key, a wide grin taking over her face as she watched Carter stare at her as though she was performing a magic trick. 


Rushing over to the bed, Carter dove in between the women and took the key. 


“Is it really mine?” He asked, looking down at the key as if it held magical powers. 


“All yours baby.” Sarah said. 


“Best mom’s ever!” He declared. 


Laughing the women gave him the typical speech about not texting and driving and minding the speed limit. Carter promised he’d be the safest driver on the road, and after getting the keys, he raced out of the bedroom to gather up his younger brothers for school. 


“How long do you think before Micheal calls?” Sarah asked.


“I give it until mid-day.” Alexis said with a laugh. 


Sarah rolled her eyes before tossing the covers off herself.


“Quickie in the shower?” Sarah asked, wiggling her eyebrows.


“Does a duck have webbed feet?” Alexis shot back.


Sarah simply laughed before pulling her wife up and out of the bed with her. 


After shower sex and getting ready for the day, Sarah followed Alexis to her studio where the women had breakfast before Sarah kissed her wife goodbye and headed off to work.

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