A Cozy Weekend In The Cabin

Joey stood in the window with a glass of wine in hand. Slowly sipping the wine, he allowed the falling snow to completely mesmerize him.


The cabin was quiet, the only sounds coming from the wind rattling against the window and the crackling of the logs burning in the fireplace. 


Turning his attention to the clock hanging above the entrance to the kitchen, Joey took in the time; five forty-six. 


Shoving his hand into his pocket, Joey bit his bottom lip, trying to resist the urge to call his girlfriend Brianna. 


It was Friday afternoon, and Brianna and Joey had agreed to meet up at the cabin for a romantic weekend. 


Brianna had been so busy studying for finals, and Joey was finishing up his album, so the couple hadn’t seen each other in a couple of weeks. 


On Wednesday, as Joey was putting the finishing touches on the album, he called his girlfriend and suggested they get away to his family’s cabin. By Thursday Joey had finished up the album and was free for the last few weeks left in the year. So, when Friday rolled around, he packed up his bag and called Brianna, wanting to know what time she’d like him to swing by and pick her up.


“I’m so sorry baby, I fucking forgot, I have one final exam that I have to take this Friday, but I should be up there before nightfall.” She promised. 


Joey offered to stay and wait for her to be done, but she assured him that she wouldn’t be long and that he could go ahead without her.


Now standing in the window in his sweats, with the fire from the fireplace roaring behind him, Joey prayed for his girlfriend’s safe arrival.


He wanted to get started on the oatmeal, Brianna’s favorite, but he was unsure of when she’d arrive and they didn’t have a microwave. 


Joey’s phone dinged causing him to fish the device from his pocket. 


A smile as wide as the Nile is long spilled across his face.


‘Almost there.’ Brianna’s message read.


After replying with a thumbs up he finished the last of his coco as he reluctantly turned away from the window and made his way into the kitchen. 


After gathering all the supplies for the oatmeal, he got started and before long, he was finishing up.


Then, as he pulled the ladle from the deep pot, blowing on it, the front door opened.


“Right on time.” He smiled.


“Oh fuck, it’s cold as balls out there.” Briana said as she shut the door and began stomping the snow off her boots.


“I’m pretty sure balls are warm.” Joey said as he licked oatmeal from his upper lip.


“How would you know? You don’t even have any.” She said, pulling off her boots.


Joey gasped, a hand flying to his chest as he pretended to be offended.


“Is it done?” She asked, nodding her head towards the pot. 


Joey dipped the spoon back into the large pot, scooping up a bit more.


“Think so.” He said, blowing on the oatmeal.


Once he was sure it was cool enough, he spooned it into his mouth, moaning as he did so.


Stripping out of her many layers, Briana dropped them onto the chair where Joey’s coat and scarf were before joining him in the kitchen.


“Jesus Christ!” Joey yelled.


Briana’s icy palms pressed into his naked back. Laughing,  she snaked her arms around her boyfriend, pressing her frozen face into him.


“I’m cold, be my personal heater.” She said. 


It took a moment, but Joey finally adjusted to his girlfriend’s frozen face.


“I see you’re taking full advantage of your top surgery.” She chuckled, her finger rubbing against the faint scar just below his peck. 


“Hell yeah! I paid a lotta money for this body!” He said, causing Briana to laugh.


Even a year and a half later, Joey still took every opportunity he could to be shirtless. Briana loved to call him a whore and tell him to put a shirt on, but truthfully she loved it; Joey had worked hard to get his outsides to reflect the way he felt inside and Briana couldn’t have been happier for her boyfriend. 


Plating the oatmeal, Joey and Briana made their way to the living room and booted up Hulu to continue their binge of ‘How I Met Your Mother’. For the rest of the night, the couple took turns heading back to the stove and filling their bowls. Then, after making it halfway through the fourth season, the couple shut down the living room and headed off to bed.

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