A Collection of Moments

Nothing about the moment was romantic or special, it was like saving up to buy something big, something grand and epic. A bunch of little moments coming together, like collecting twigs to make a pile that would later be doused in lighter fluid and set to flames. 


The first one of these ‘twig moments’ was on a normal Friday afternoon. Nothing special was happening that day, in fact, everything opposite of special had happened; Micheal had run out of gas that morning, causing Justin to have to wake up at six-fifty and drive a gallon of gas to Micheal. 


Justin didn’t yell or make Micheal feel stupid like Micheal had thought he would; Nope, instead Micheal laughed before making Justin pretend to overdramatically swoon over him and declare Micheal his knight in shining armor; which Micheal happily did. 


The next moment was small, Justin had gotten sick, nothing serious, but Justin was there; emptying waste baskets, force-feeding Micheal cold, and flu medication. Justin even called up Micheal’s mother and convinced her to cough up the family recipe for chicken noodle soup.


Later, after Micheal had gotten better, his mother informed him that she didn’t regret giving Justin the recipe because she was sure he’d be part of the family soon enough.


Hundreds of thousands of moments came together like little puzzle pieces, forming a beautiful scene.


Now, here Micheal was staring down at the golden band, he felt like a cartoon villain, laughing to himself as he thought over his plan. 


Micheal had somehow managed to get his future husband to design his own engagement ring; then, while sitting on the design, Micheal scraped together the money as he patiently waited for Justin to get tired of sniffing around for information before he could launch into action.


Staring down at the ring, Micheal remembered all the little moments; his and Justin’s trip to Italy, the two of them building a hot rod together, meeting one another’s families; it was all a journey, filled with twists and turns, stops and starts missteps and rerouting that all eventually lead to this.


Staring down at the ring, Micheal didn’t have a shadow of a doubt that Justin was the one with whom Micheal wanted to spend the rest of his life.  


Reaching behind all the socks and underwear in his drawer, Micheal grabbed the small, red velvet box and pulled it out. Snapping the box open, he looked down at the diamond-encrusted gold ring and smiled. 


The ring was perfect, perfect because it was designed by the man who’d wear it forever and he didn’t even know it; what an idiot.  


Smiling big, Micheal tucked the small box into his pocket, hoping and praying that it wouldn’t be discovered until the time was right.


“Love! The cab’s here.” The husband-to-be yelled from outside the door.


Taking some deep breaths, Micheal turned and opened the door to find Justin standing right outside the door.


“Ready?” Justin asked, his eyes twinkling as he looked at Micheal.


“Of course.” Micheal replied.


So after a quick kiss, the men grabbed their coats and headed out the door.


If all went according to plan, they’d be coming home Fiancés. 

So what do you think? Think Justin will say yes? I sure hope so. 

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