A Blissful Reunion

WARNING! This post is pure smut. So if spicy stories aren’t you thing, maybe skip this one.

Ryan Mitchell stood in the middle of his old gymnasium. Taking small sips from the punch he’d snagged from the refreshments table, he stood in the corner of the gym, observing his old classmates as they mingled with one another. Everywhere he looked he spotted another familiar face, with their phone out, showing off photos of hot spouses or significant others, cars and homes they recently purchased, pets, and children.

If Ryan was being honest, he really didn’t want to be there. The only reason he was was because it was Saturday and he didn’t feel like sitting at home sulking in his condo. But if he was being completely honest with himself, he hated high school and barely had any friends back then. 

The more he thought about it, the fewer and fewer reasons Ryan could come up with for staying. So, finishing his punch, he tossed the cheap plastic cup into a nearby trash can and began making his way towards the door. 

    “Mitchell?” Said a voice from behind Ryan.

Turning around, it was as if the whole world had stopped. Ryan stopped breathing as he took in the blue-eyed, sandy hair man that stood before him. 

Teddy Williams. Out of all of the people Ryan had expected to see at this shindig, Teddy wasn’t one of them. But yet, here Teddy was, looking better than he did back when they were in high school. 

“Teddy, how are ya?” Ryan asked as 

he turned his entire body towards the man. 

“To be honest I was kinda regretting coming to this Godforsaken event but it’s well worth it now that I’ve ran into you.”  Teddy said. 

God, Teddy’s smile was so bright Ryan felt like he needed a pair of RayBans just to look at him. 

Teddy wore a navy blue suit with a white shirt with the first couple of buttons undone. To say he looked good would be offensive. 

“Honestly, I was just about to make a run for it. This place might as well be a graveyard.” Ryan said, turning back around to look at all his peers standing around. 

“I had a feeling this might suck, so I hit up the dispensary on my way here.” Teddy said, reaching into his jacket and pulling out a small paper bag. 

“Wanna get fucked up in the parking lot for old time sake?” He asked with that same devilish grin he always sported back in high school. 

Ryan couldn’t think of anything better to do. Their home town was microscopic; you could literally walk from one end of town to the other in only a couple hours. 

Back in high school, Ryan, Teddy, and some of the football team used to cut class and make the walk all the time. 

“I’m down.” Ryan said with a shrug. 

Making their way out the door, the men ran into some men practically praying to the trophy case in the hall. 

“Classic Tommy.” Teddy laughed, shaking his head. 

In their town high school football was a big deal; there was a lot of money to be made. 

Ryan laughed along with the other man as they pushed the school doors open and stepped out into the cool night. 

It was like stepping through a time portal, transporting the men back to the days when they’d cut class to go hang out at Teddy’s uncle’s record shop. 

Making their way through the parking lot, Teddy looked back at Ryan. 

“Did you come with anyone?” He asked. 

His tone made it sound like he was hoping for a no. 

“Nope.” Ryan said simply. 

“You cool with smoking in my car?” Teddy asked as they zig zagged through the parking lot. 

“Fine by me.” Ryan said. 

The lights on a blue Porsche flashed and Ryan let out a whistle. 

“Hey big spender.” Ryan said as they walked up to the car. 

Teddy let out a laugh.

“Just the perks of being a surgeon.” Teddy said as they ducked down into the car. 

Ryan was very aware of what Teddy did for a living. Ryan’s mother would call him weekly to update him on Teddy’s each and every move and scold him for not keeping up with the surgeon. 

“You must be doing it very well.” Ryan said as they shut their doors. 

Teddy shrugged. 

“ I do alright.” He said. 

There was a pause before the men 

laughed. If there was one thing Ryan was certain hadn’t changed about his high school boyfriend, it was that Theodore Winceton didn’t half ass anything. 

Back in high school, while the rest of their friends were out partying and enjoying their youth, Teddy was studying and doing test corrections; they weren’t even required. But Teddy always needed to know why; if something was wrong, he needed to know why it was wrong and wanted a map of the path to the right answer. He’d always just had a genuine curiosity for learning. 

“Oh please, I’m sure you’re still conquering every obstacle you face.” Ryan said. 

Teddy looked like he wanted to object, but after a moment, he let out a huff before saying; 

“I can’t lie, I do.” The men laughed as Teddy opened the glove compartment and pulled out a brown paper bag. 

Ryan could feel himself growing extremely excited; if Teddy was anything like the guy he knew in high school and college, then Ryan was in for quite the treat. 

Few people knew it, but Theordore Winceton was a weed connoisseur. He always knew what strains were best for what kind of vibe, and had quite the bong collection. If it was weed related, Teddy knew all about it. 

The flame from the lighter lit up the small car as Teddy burned the end of the pre-rolled joint. He burned the end and took a long hit, holding his breath as he handed the joint over to Ryan. 

In no time, the car began to fog up as the men laughed at nothing. 

“I shit you not. I looked at her and was like ‘I’m gay’ and she literally starts sobbing and says ‘what? How could this be? You’re so handsome!’Teddy said, doing his best impression of an upset woman. 

Ryan howled with laughter to the point of choking. Luckily, Teddy handed him a water and after taking a few sips, he managed to calm himself down enough to speak. 

“Look at you! You’re hot! If I was her, I’d be heartbroken too.” Ryan said. 

Teddy stopped laughing, which made Ryan stop as well, and the two men stared at one another for a moment. 

“You think I’m hot?” Teddy asked, raising an eyebrow. 

If they were sober, this would be the time that Ryan’s face would go fire truck red, and he’d try and take back his words. But they weren’t sober. Ryan was very much high, and high Ryan didn’t have the filter that sober Ryan had. 

“Oh please! Don’t act like you didn’t know everyone wanted to fuck you back in high school!” He all but blurted out. 

Teddy smirked and Ryan wanted to kiss it right off his stupidly good looking face. 

“Oh that I know. But you? You wanted to fuck me? Back then?” He asked.

Teddy chuckled as he shook his head. This man. 

“And what about now? You still wanna fuck me?” He asked. 

The bass in Teddy’s voice turned Ryan’s dick into a steel rod. 

“Why don’t we get in the back seat and find out.” Ryan said. 

It was meant to be a joke, but as Teddy stared at him as if he were food, Ryan wasn’t so sure of that anymore. 

The sound of Teddy unbuckling his seat filled the space and Ryan swallowed. 

Why they were even buckled in the first place, Ryan was unsure of that. 

But as Teddy wormed his way into the back seat, purposefully pushing his ass into Ryan’s face in the process, Ryan didn’t really care. 

It took all of two seconds for Ryan to follow him, and Teddy welcomed him to the back seat by grabbing Ryan by the shirt and pulling Ryan’s face to his. 

“How do you feel about kissing?” He asked. 

The rumble of Teddy’s voice made Ryan’s stomach flutter.

Rather than answering him, Ryan crashed his lips onto Teddy’s, causing the other man to groan into the kiss. 

Hands were everywhere as the men explored each others mouths with their tongues. 

Then, resting his hand on Teddy’s belt, Ryan pulled back from the kiss. 

“Can I?” He asked, looking into Teddy’s eyes. 

Teddy gave a quick nod before crashing his lips into Ryan’s again, and as his tongue entered Ryan’s mouth, the clanking of Teddy’s belt filled the air.

Too impatient to ask Teddy to pull his pants down, Ryan simply pulled Teddy’s cock through the slit in his boxers. 

Then, pulling back from the kiss, Ryan brought his hand to Teddy’s mouth and stuck his fingers into the other man’s mouth. 

Watching Teddy coat Ryan’s entire hand with his spit was a sight to see and made Ryan’s cock throb in his jeans. 

Once Ryan’s hand was nice and wet, he placed his mouth back onto Teddy’s as his hand went back to Teddy’s cock. 

Moving in an up and down, twisty motion, Ryan worked Teddy like he’d want Teddy to work him. 

Judging by Teddy’s constant groans, he was loving every second of it. 

After a while, when Teddy became to worked up to kiss Ryan back, Teddy dropped his head back as he rose a hand and pounded against the roof of the car. 

“Fuck, Ryan.” He called out as his head fell back. 

Ryan dropped his head and replaced his hand with his mouth, and Teddy lost it. 

“Ry, you’re gonna kill me.” Teddy said. 

Ryan smiled around Teddy’s cock as he began to bop his head. 

Threading his hand in Ryan’s hair, Teddy began to gently push on Ryan’s head. 

“Tap me if it’s too much.” Teddy said. 

Ryan moaned around Teddy’s cock, and the other man took it as a sign to continue. 

Up and down Ryan’s head went and every time he went down, Teddy’s ands would tighten in his hair. 

Ryan’s dick was painfully hard at this point but he wasn’t stopping, not still Teddy was spilling down his throat. 

Soon, Teddy began fucking Ryan’s mouth, and that made it all the more hotter. 

After a few more pumps, Teddy’s eyes snapped shut as he unloaded into Ryan’s mouth. 

Once he was all done, Ryan swallowed the mouth full before sitting up. 

Leaning against the window, Ryan panted, pulling in much needed oxygen as Teddy reached over and began toying with Ryan through his slacks. 

Jeez, did this man have a pause button? But Ryan said nothing as Teddy undid Ryan’s pants before starting slow. 

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