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Hold up, wait a minute! Before you read this have you read Dinner?

Jasmine and Perry sat in the back of an upscale black town car, sipping champagne as they made their way to Jasmine’s favorite Italian restaurant, Giovanni’s.

“Have we been here before?” Jasmine asked, throwing out a millionth guess.

“Nope.” Perry said shortly.

For the entire five minutes that Jasmine and Perry had been in the car, Jasmine asked a million and one questions and Perry answered every last one of them with one word.

“So that’s how we’re doing this?” Jasmine asked, cocking a mischievous eyebrow.

“Doing what?” Perry asked, mirroring their girlfriend’s expression.

Jasmine cocked her head to the side and tucked her red painted lip between her teeth.

“Nothing.” She said with a smile.

Before Perry could say anything else, Jasmine gasped loudly.

“G’s!” She said in a high pitched voice.

“Are we eating here?! No! We can’t! Babe this is too expensive!” She said, beginning to ramble.

Chuckling, Perry leaned forward and took Jasmine’s hand in theirs. Bringing her hand to their face, they pressed a kiss against her knuckles.

Despite having been together for four and a half years, the simple gesture still managed to cause a swarm of butterflies to arise in Jasmine’s stomach.

“Anything for you.” Perry whispered against Jasmine’s skin.

Goosebumps sprouted along her arms as the little hairs on the back of her neck stood at attention.

“Such a smooth talker.” Jasmine said, trying to play off the effect Perry had on her.

Laughing to themself, Perry exited the car and held a hand out for their girlfriend. Then, hand in hand, the couple headed inside the upscale Italian restaurant.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this installment of the Jasmine and Perry Series. If you have, go head and hit that star. Thanks so much, Cyrus.

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