A Long Time Coming

“So how long do you think we’ll be in New York for?” Jasmine asked as she opened the coat closet and pulled out her blue suitcase.

Jasmine’s partner, Perry, sat on the couch, their feet kicked up on the coffee table.

“I don’t know, maybe a few weeks. I wanna go early so we can see the sites before I have my surgery.” Perry said before tossing a handful of popcorn into their mouth.

Closing the closet door, Jasmine rolled the suitcase across the apartment, dropping it off in the bedroom before joining Perry on the couch.

“Are you nervous at all?” Jasmine asked.

Perry paused for a moment, seeming to mull it over in their head.

“I mean I’ve been waiting a long time for this day, but it still doesn’t feel real. Like I keep thinking I’m gonna get there and find out I have the wrong day; Or I’m at the wrong office, or something crazy like that.” Perry said, the anxiety building in their eyes.

Jasmine sighed sympathetically before running a hand through Perry’s hair. Rubbing the pads of her fingers against her lover’s scalp, Jasmine did her best to sooth them. For Perry this had been a long time coming and Jasmine knew how much this meant to them.

“Wanna check the calendar again?” Jasmine suggested, her hand falling to Perry’s neck, where she massaged it.

Perry shook their head.

“No, I triple checked everything like an hour ago. But the stupid butterflies in my stomach won’t stop fluttering.” They said, sounding both frustrated and somewhat frightened at the same time.

Hopping up onto her knees, Jasmine swung a leg over Perry’s legs and sat in their lap. Hooking her hands behind their head, she looked deep into the forest green eyes she’s stared into so many times before.

“Baby everything’s gonna be fine. You did all your homework, you know everything about the hospital we’re going to and everything about Dr. Roman. I’m surprised you aren’t Facebook friends with the man at this point.” Jasmine said with a laugh.

Perry hung their head and huffed.

“He denied my request.” They said, causing Jasmine to gasp.

“Babe! You did not!” She said trying to gage whether they were being serious or not.

“No, no. I’m just kidding. But we do follow each other on Instagram though.” They said.

Jasmine squinted her eyes.

“You’re full of shit.” She said, staring her partner down.

Shifting on the couch, Perry pulled out their phone and pulled up their Instagram followers.

“Oh my gosh babe, you’re ridiculous!” Jasmine shouted tapping on Dr. Roman’s name.

When she pulled up the doctor’s profile, she expected to find photos of him in scrubs, and some photos of his patients. But instead she was greeted with photos of the doctor with what looked to be his wife, or maybe girlfriend, along with friends and family.

“Babe this is his personal account! I bet you spent all day digging through his pictures didn’t you?” She asked, scrolling through the doctor’s post.

Perry playfully snatched their phone back.

“It wasn’t a dig! It was necessary research on the man that’s gonna be cutting me up. But anyways, Dr. Roman does a LOT of non-binary people, so that’s a major plus.” Perry said as they tossed their phone to the side and looked back at their girlfriend.

“Oh, love that.” Jasmine said, causing Perry to nod eagerly.

“And the hospital also has counselors that you can talk to before and after surgery, and it’s all covered by the insurance!” Perry said excitedly.

Jasmine gave a little dance and a clap.

“Babe! That’s amazing!” She said.

Perry opened their mouth to speak when they noticed the flashing green numbers on the clock that read six ten.

“It is. But we should probably finish packing and start getting ready for bed.” Perry said, pointing at the clock.

Agreeing, Jasmine gave them a quick peck before jumping to her feet and pulling Perry up. Hand in hand, the couple grabbed the suitcase and made their way to their bedroom. When they got into the room, Jasmine unzipped the suitcase and tossed it on the bed while Perry went into their closet. Then, as Jasmine pulled socks from the dresser, she looked up to find Perry standing in the doorway of the closet, their hands full with bras.

“Um babe, I don’t think you’ll need that many bras. You’re getting your tits chopped off, remember?” She said biting her bottom lip.

Perry smiled big and wide.

“Oh I know. I’m gonna burn these.” They said with excited eyes.

“All of them?! Can I at least have a few?” Jasmine asked, her eyes doubling in size.

“Sure.”Perry said as they opened their arms, allowing the bras to spill onto the bed.

After Jasmine collected all the bras she wanted, Perry tossed the rest into their suitcase along with their folded up close. Then, when the couple was all done, they headed to the front door of their loft and set the bags down before making their way back upstairs to take a shower. Then,after a quick shower, they headed back into their bedroom where they began changing into their pajamas.

“I can’t wait to sleep on your bare chest.” Jasmine said as she watched Perry slip into their nightshirt.

After poking their head through the shirt, Perry smiled a bright smile.

“Me neither.” said Perry.

Then, getting into bed, the couple curled up together and fell fast asleep.

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Meanwhile, Back Home

Asher Ryan tapped his room key against the card reader, the flashing red light on the reader turning green as a soft beep sounded. Pushing the door handle down, he walked into the hotel sweet, tugging at his bow tie as he went. After undoing his tie, he unbuttoned the first few buttons of his shirt with his left hand as he slid his other hand into his pocket, fishing out his phone. Unlocking the device, he scrolled through a miles long list of notifications; an email from his management, a couple texts from his siblings, and three missed calls; one from his father, another from his mother, and a missed FaceTime call from his husband, Thomas.

Flopping down onto the bed, Asher kicked off his shoes as he checked his text first. The first batch of messages were from his older brother, Dawn. Opening the pictures, the first one he saw was a picture of Isabella, Dawn’s daughter. Standing in the snow with a smile brighter than the sun, Isabella buried her father in the snow.

Tracing her smile with his thumb, Asher’s heart ached. Although being paid to travel the world and play for millions of adoring fans seemed like a dream job, Asher couldn’t help but think about all that he was missing back home. Isabella had to have grown at least a foot (or serval feet) since the last time Asher had seen her. Dragging his thumb across his screen, his heart squeezed at the sight of baby teeth in his brother’s hand. Another swipe revealed that the teeth had come from Asher’s nephew, Jackson. Smiling up as the camera while his mother held his bottom lip down, Jackson showed off the now empty space where his baby teeth once were.

Staring down at the photo, Asher tried to remember what the small boy’s laughter sounded like. It had been so long since he’d heard his nephew’s voice (even if it was just baby gibberish half the time). With all of Asher’s shows going until late into the night and sometimes into the wee hours of the morning, his brother’s time, Asher never made it off stage in time to see his niece and nephew before they went to bed. Hell, if he didn’t hall ass to his dressing room right after hoping off stage, he sometimes missed his brother too.

Sighing, Asher decided against FaceTiming his brother; he didn’t want to risk waking his brother, Dawn. Insetad, Asher decided to FaceTime his husband, Thomas.

“Hey hand-what’s wrong?” Thomas asked, lying back on his pillow.

Asher sighed heavily. Normally he liked to hear a little about his husband’s day before unloading his troubles, but after seeing those photos of all that he was missing, Asher couldn’t help but feel gloomy.

“I wanna come home.” Asher admitted, sitting up.

After being on the road for the last eight months, Asher was sick of it. Every few days he was in a new city or a new country, hopping from the bus to the stage then from stage back to the bus and then to a hotel (if he was luck). Other than the band, the bus driver, venu security, and screaming fans, Asher never saw anyone. Hell, at this point he was so desperate he’d be happy to see the paparazzi.

“I know baby, I want you home more than anything. Just a few more cities.” Said Thomas.

Asher had to fight the urge not to roll his eyes; Thomas was only trying to be supportive, Asher knew that, but they’d both been saying ‘just a few more cities’ for so long that it was starting to loose it’s meaning.

“I know, I know, I just wish you were here with me.” Asher pouted.

Thomas and touring have never really gotten along. Thomas took many flights, all over to watch Asher and the band play; but as far as slumming it on the bus with Asher and the other guys, that was a no go for Thomas. Claustrophobia and a skin condition that required Thomas to shower about a dozen times a day a and required fresh sheets every night, didn’t play nice with tour buses. It wasn’t like Thomas hadn’t tried though; when he and Asher first started dating Thomas gave the tourbus all his might, but in the end he just couldn’t.

“I really wish I could.” Thomas said, a little edge to his voice.

‘Great, now he feels bad.’ Asher thought to himself as he ran a hand through his hair.

“I’m sorry babe. I know what you meant, I shouldn’t have said it like that. I’m just stressed.” Thomas said, causing Asher to straighten up a bit.

“Wanna tell me about it?” Asher asked.

Talking about whatever was happening back home, even if it wasn’t great, always made Asher feel a little better. Thomas always thought it was silly to update his husband about trivial things like what he had for lunch or sending ‘outfit of the day’ pictures, and he certainly didn’t like giving his husband bad news while he was on the road, but for Asher it was comforting. For Asher, getting constant updates about little changes in his world back home helped him not so far from home; like he was only up the street or a city away rather than half away around the world.

“Well your fucking buddy Hunter, fucked up the sprinkler system again! And waited two fucking days to tell me! I swear that asshole thinks that just because I’m not all machismo, like him and his buddies, that that means I don’t know shit about shit.” Thomas said with a scoff.

Asher couldn’t help but chuckle as he pictured his twig like husband dealing with their meat head grounds keepers. Thomas has never been a bulky guy, as a teen and even into his early twenties, he struggled to bulk up, but that didn’t mean he was weak. Despite having known Thomas since Asher and Thomas were teens, Thomas still manages to surprise his husband with just how strong he actually is.

“You just gotta remind them who’s paying them.” Said Asher.

Thomas scuffed yet again.

“You! You pay them!” Thomas said, very much annoyed.

Asher couldn’t help but chuckle. Of the two men, he was definitely the bread winner, but it was Thomas who managed that ‘bread’. Thomas brought the food, paid the bills, and kept track of their savings. If Asher ever needed money, he always went to his husband. Making music, now that was Asher’s thing.

“Technically you pay them. I don’t even know how much gardening cost!” Asher laughed into the phone.

“Well, tell that to the gardeners! They think I’m just some house husband that sits on his ass all day.” Said Thomas.

Asher couldn’t help but roll his eyes. Despite not giving a fuck what anyone thought, Asher and Thomas weren’t def; people talk, especially when you live the public life of a rockstar. Most of the celebrity gossip rolled off the men’s back, but every now and again, a comment or a article would cut a little. For that reason, Thomas didn’t make public appearances. Sure he went to Asher’s concerts, award shows, and other events, but over the course of the decade that Asher and Thomas have been together, the men have never rarely ever been photographed together, publicly. They’ve appeared in plenty of family and friends’ photo albums, sickenly in love, but only once have they ever been publicly photographed together. A few years ago, during the tenth anniversary of one of Asher’s band’s albums, the husbands were photographed holding hands, their wedding rings on full display, but with all the commotion the band was causing around the couple, no one ever seemed to notice. Then, when the photo was edited for online publication, Thomas was removed from the photo entirely. Asher’s manager was livid when he found out but the couple and the band found it quite hilarious, so much so that they’ve recreated serval photos of the couple, completely removing Thomas from them.

Running a hand through his hair, Asher found himself getting quite drowsy.

“I’ll email them in the morning, my time.” He said sleepily.

“Okay. Text me when you wake up.” Thomas said, causing Asher to hum in agreement.

“I probably wont be able to call until the afternoon your time. Gotta call mom and then Dawn before he goes to work.” Asher said through his drowsy fogg.

“Alright. Well sleep tight, I love you.” Thomas said.

Slipping into the drowsy fog, Asher hummed, before mumbling what he hoped was an ‘I love you’ before succumbing to the fog.

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Celebratory Kicks

The sounds of hoots and hollers filled the room as Holt Miller stood at the mixing board and let the final song of their album ‘Love Letters To NY’ play.

“Damn B. This shit’s about to have the whole city goin’ crazy this summer.” Ace, Holt’s manager, said as he patted Holt on the back.

The success of the album was something Holt never doubted. For them, writing the album was like pulling an already completed work of art from the clouds. Everything from the melodies to the hooks and the verses were all there and all they had to do was reach up and grab it.

“Man, I’m about to cry. I feel like a proud dad right now.” Jackson, Holt’s best friend and assistant, said as he threw an arm around Holt.

As the last song of Love Letters reached its final crescendo, Holt looked over at Jackson and took their friend’s face in their hands. Without a moment of hesitation, Holt leaned in and kissed Jackson smack dab on the mouth. Being that Jackson was a first generation Italian and both he and Holt grew up just outside of Little Italy, kisses on the mouth were nothing to either of them.

“We did it Jackie, we fucking killed this shit!” Holt said pridefully.

Jackson laughed.

“We? I just brought you coffee and took care of the little things. You’re the talent.” Jackson said.

Holt shook their head.

“Nah, don’t say that. It was you and me, every night in this studio together. You took care of me. This is OUR album.” Holt said seriously.

Not knowing what to say, Jackson threw his arms around his best friend since grade school, and hugged them with all his might.

“Hey, a little birdy told me the master has finished his work of art.” Said a voice from behind Holt.

Pulling back from Jackson, Holt turned to see their brother, Travis, walk into the studio.

“Ahh,nigga, I knew as soon as the celebration started you’d pull up.” Holt said giving their brother the side eye.

Travis smacked his lips.

“We can’t all be hip hop gods. A nigga gotta feed his family!” Travis said as he clapped hands with Jackson before pulling him in for a hug.

“Nah, but for real though, I’m proud of you kid.” Travis said pulling Holt into a hug.

“So you trynna cut up or-”

Travis’s question was cut short as Holt pulled back from their brother.

“See, this nigga only ever here for the parties!” Holt joked.

Travis’s hand flew to his chest as he pretended to be shot.

“Is this nigga serious B? Holt, who came up here every week to bring yo bum ass food? Who would ride an hour and a half in traffic after working a ten hour shift just to make sure you had everything you needed at all times. You know how much work I missed sitting up here with you? Don’t do me like that B, come on.” Travis said.

Holt rolled their eyes. Their brother did have a point. Being a father of three wasn’t easy, but Holt did offer to ease some of that load for their brother.

“Don’t even come at me with that I told you I’d-”

Travis held up his hand stopping his sibling.

“I know Holt, and I appreciate you wanting to help but sometimes a nigga gotta hold onto his pride and do his thang to feed his family. ” Travis said.

And that Holt understood, but that didn’t mean it made them miss having their brother in the studio with them any less.

“I told you, come mix for me and I’ll pay you!” Holt said, smacking their brother’s chest.

Travis shook his head.

“Nah, I don’t do-”

Jackson and Holt threw their hands in the air as they let out a simultaneous groan. 

“Trav, how many times do we have to tell you, this isn’t a hand out, it’s a job. Holt and I need people who get them in the studio with us. You and Holt could take their music to the next level, and Holt can save time by not having to deal with egotistical engineers who only make lunchroom beats. We need somebody who gets Holt and their vision.” Jackson explained.

Travis mulled it over in his head for a moment.

“What about Ace?” Travis asked, causing Holt and Jackson to exchange confused looks.

“What do you mean?” Holt asked looking back to their brother.

Travis rolled his eyes.

“How’s he gonna feel about all this?” Travis asked, looking back and forth between Holt and Jackson.

Holt smacked their lips as Jackson threw his hands in the air.

“I called it!” Jackson said, smacking Holt’s chest.

“Ahh man! You always on some bull. Ace ain’t got nothin’ to do with this. You just scared man.” Said Holt.

Travis’s eyes flicked back and forth between Holt and Jackson.

“And so what if I am. Hip hop is fucking competitive nigga and I haven’t had that much time with my beats. I’m not trynna hear them talk shit about you cause I ain’t on my shit.” Travis said.

And there it was. Travis wasn’t worried about the label, or management; he wasn’t even worried about the critics or the pay. It all came down to him doubting his abilities.

“Trav, come on now. You, me, and Jackson all know if you put out some shit of just instrumentals that he would light up the whole city. You and me G? We make sense! You ain’t gotta decide on nothing right now, but think about it. Actually sit down and think about becoming my engineer. I’m tryna make you part of the team, payroll, benefits, vacation, all that shit. You ain’t gotta answer now, but I wanna know, are you trynna join the team?” Holt asked.

Before Travis could say another word, Holt turned to Jackson.

“Did you call them?” Holt asked.

Jackson nodded.

“Yeah, Sarah said the store’s been dead all day. People in and out but nothing too crazy.” Jackson said, causing Holt to fist pump.

“Cool. Bruh we bout to get some celebratory kicks, you trynna come with?” Holt asked, turning back to their brother.

Travis scoffed, offended that his sibling even had to ask.

“Hell yeah. You gonna buy me a pair?” Travis asked as he, Holt and Jackson made their way to the door.

Holt stop dead in their tracks. Turning around they smacked their lips as they looked at their brother, unamused.

“So you can have me buy you shoes, but you won’t let me give you a job so you can buy ya own shoes?” Holt asked, smacking their lips.

“Yeah nigga, one’s a hand out, and the others a gift.” Travis said as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.

Shaking their head, Holt turned back around and followed Jackson out the door.

King’s Kicks, the shoe store Travis, Holt, Jackson use to window shop at as children, was about a thirty minute drive, without traffic, from the studio. So when Google Maps told them the ETA was about an hour and a half, know one was surprised. Thankfully, Holt’s driver was great at his job and was very much immune to the traffic.

As for Holt, Travis, and Jackson, they were in their own little world.

“Alright fuck it, Imma take it.” Travis said, causing Holt and Jackson to turn to him.

“That easy? Damn, I really thought you were gonna make us wine and dine you.” Jackson said, causing Travis’s face to fall.

Travis smacked his lips as he turned to Holt.

“Would y’all really have taken a nigga out?” Travis asked, turning to Holt.

“Shit, not anymore! Welcome to the team G.” Holt said, slapping Travis’ leg.

“Damn!” Travis said, causing Holt and Jackson to laugh.

Turning around in their seat, Holt placed a hand on their brother’s leg.

“Aye, look at the bright side. Now you’ll have money to buy ya own shoes.” Holt said, causing both Holt and Jackson to laugh.

After hugging one another, Jackson jumped out of the Escalade as Holt turned to their brother.

“Nah but seriously. Welcome to the team.” Holt said proudly.

After hopping out of the car, the siblings shared a hug before heading into the store for their celebratory kicks.

What shoes do you think Holt, Jackson, and Travis are gonna get?

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Emily sat in front of his MacBook, staring at yet another baby naming website. After a hard back and forth with himself, and seeing at least a dozen different therapists, Emily was finally able to look at himself in the mirror and say the words; ‘I’m transgender’. The first time he said it out loud he’d made it through the worst five days of the month.

Sitting on the toilet, he tossed the last bloody pad into the trash and stood up. Taking a deep breath, he held it as he turned to look at himself in the mirror.

“I’m transgender.” He said to his reflection.

The words were a knife being slashed across the bubble wrap he’d wrapped himself in years ago. For as long as he could remember he’d hidden from it; doing everything in his power to ignore the truth that was staring at him day in and day out. But then one day something snapped. The hatred Emily felt being trapped in his ‘feminine cage’ was hell on earth. His hatred came out in the form of cutting and peeling away at his skin; anything to escape the cell that was supposed to be his body.

“I’m transgender.” He said again.

The words were like waves crashing over him.

Looking at his reflection he smiled, happy that he’d finally had a piece of the puzzle that was him. Taking a deep breath, he held it for a minute before exhaling.

“I’m transgender.” He said for a third time.

“Mazel tov!” Said a voice from behind him.

Emily’s heart nearly jumped out of his chest as he whipped around coming face to face with his father.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.” His father said as he held his hands up in surrender.

Emily’s heart jackhammered against his ribcage.

“Dad I…it’s not what…..”

“Emily, can I still call you that?” The older man asked.

Looking into his father’s eyes, all Emily saw was love and understanding.

“I’m still working on the name thing.” Emily said, rubbing the back of his neck.

His father smiled.

“Take your time bud. If you want I can help you. I don’t mean to brag but I have named a lot of people.” Emily’s dad, Harold said.

He was right, Harold had named all four of his children and twelve of Emily’s cousins.

“Yeah.” Emily said, turning back to the mirror.

Putting an arm around his son, Harold looked at his and Emily’s reflection.

“Sol.” Harold said, dragging his hand from left to right.

“Like the sun?” Emily said, frowning.

Harold shrugged.

“Yeah. It may sound corny but you light up my world baby boy.” Harold said just above a whisper.

‘Baby boy’, the two words slammed right into Emily’s heart, knocking all the wind out of him.

“Baby boy?” Emily repeated, choking back tears.

Harold laughed.

“Look, I don’t care what you identify as, you’ll always be my baby.” Harold said firmly.

“I love it.” Sol said, tears building up in his eyes.

As tears built in Harold’s eyes as well, he hooked a hand behind his son’s head, pulling Sol into him. As the men collided Sol buried his face in his father’s chest and released months and months of fear and heartache into his father’s cashmere sweater.

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Olivia Wallace pulled on her leather jacket before rounding the bar, she met her best friend, Sophie, on the other.

“Alright Benny, we’re headed out.” Olivia said as she turned around to look at him.

Benny, Olivia and Sophie’s boss, as well as friend of the Wallace family, gave the women a distracted wave.

“Alright ladies.Thanks again, drive safe.” He called out, never looking up from his notepad.

After yelling back a ‘will do’ the women linked their arms together and made their way out of the bar. Then, as Sophie and Olivia headed to the parking lot, Olivia yawed.

“I can’t wait to get home, shower, drink an entire bottle of wine, and pass out.” Olivia said, leaning against her best friend.

“Amen to that. I don’t think I’ll even leave my bed at all this weekend.” Sophie laughed as the women reached their cars.

Unlinking their arms, Olivia and Sophie headed over to the respected cars.

“Text me when you get home.” Olivia said unlocking her car.

“Will do. Love you.” Sophie said as she pulled her door open.

“Love you too!” Olivia said back.

After ducking down into their cars, both women cranked their engines to life before pulling out of their spots. When they reached the exit of the parking lot, the women honked at one another before Sophie made a right while Olivia turned to the left.

Riding through the back roads of Richmen, Olivia hummed along to the country song pumping through her speakers. From Benny’s to her house was about a ten minute drive. Usually Olivia made it home with no trouble. But today she was feeling rather tried. So, pulling over, she pulled out her phone and called her older sister, Scarlet. Scarlet picked up on the first ring.

“Is everything okay?” Scarlett asked instantly.

‘What a worry wart.’ Olivia thought, chuckling to herself.

Scarlett was only five years older than Olivia, but with a runaway mother, and an alcoholic for a father, Scarlet had to grow up rather quickly to give her baby sister even the smallest resemblance of a childhood.

“Yeah, everything’s fine. I’m just a little tried and wanted to know if I could stop by for a quick nap before going home.” Olivia explained.

Scarlett let out a sigh of relief.

“Thank God. Yeah, want me to heat you up some of last’s nights dinner? We had lasagna.” Scarlett said.

“Lasagna sounds incredible.” Olivia said.

After about five minutes, Olivia pulled into her sister’s driveway and parked next to her sister’s truck. Then, making her way into the house, she found her sister seated at her dinning room table, a look of remorse on the older woman’s face.

“What’s wrong?” Olivia asked, as she pulled out a chair and sat down.

Scarlet bit her bottom lip.

“Travis never showed.” Scarlett said, causing Olivia to deflate in her seat.

All week her son, Frankie, had been going on and on about how excited he was to finally get to see his father.

“Did Travis at least call?” Olivia asked.

Scarlet shook her head.

‘Of course he didn’t’ Olivia thought to herself.

“Is Frankie still awake?” Olivia asked.

Despite it being way past Frankie’s bed time, he usually stayed up quiet late when waiting on his father.

“No. He’s out cold in Penelope’s room.” Said Scarlet.

Pulling her sister inside, Scarlet led them over to the couch where she flopped down, pulling Olivia down with her.

“My poor baby.” Olivia said, resting her head on her sister’s shoulder.

“Did Frankie say anything?” Olivia asked.

Scarlet stiffened, causing Olivia to lift her head and looked at her sister.

“Scar, what did he say?” The younger women asked.

Scarlet huffed before looking straight ahead.

“He asked me how Travis could keep forgetting about him all the time.” Scarlett said.

Olivia frowned, her heart breaking for her son. Frankie was the most thoughtful, kind hearted, loving boy ever and the man that helped to make him couldn’t seem to give a damn about him.

Since freshmen year of high school, Travis and Olivia were an on again off again couple. Then, when senior year rolled around, Olivia got pregnant and Travis told her he wanted to get serious about her and their family. But apparently Travis’ definition of ‘serious’ didn’t include monogamy.

Rising up, Olivia attempted tp stand when Scarlet pulled her back down.

“Liv, he’s sleeping.” The older woman said.

Falling back down against her sister, the younger woman closed her eyes.

“What kind of parent can so easily forget about their kids?” Olivia asked rhetorically.

“Mom and dad.” Scarlett said, not missing a beat.

The words was like a knife to the chest for both women. The sisters hardly ever talked about their childhood, and on the rear occasions that they did, they avoided the any and all discussions about their parents like it was their job. For the women, their younger years were something both women worked hard to forget.

“Well I’m beat. I’m gonna head to the guest room.” Olivia said after lying with Scarlet for a while longer.

“Night.” Scarlet said as she grabbed the remote for the TV.

Making her way upstairs, Olivia headed to Penelope’s room and slowly opened the door. Curled up with his stuffed tiger, Frankie slept peacefully on the extra bed Scarlet kept in Penelope’s room for when Frankie slept over.

Leaning against the door frame, Olivia took a moment to admire her baby boy. Olivia wasn’t a very prideful person, but there was something about Frankie and the way he saw her that made Olivia like she could do anything; That’s probably where she got the strength and energy to work a double shift and then only sleep for a few hours before waking up and going to school.

Not wanting to wake her son, she slipped out of the room, pulling the door closed behind her. The second the door was closed, her phone went off, causing her to rush down the hall to avoid waking Frankie and Penelope.

After making it to the end of the hall, she looked down at her phone to see that it was Travis calling. Accepting the call, she pressed the phone to her ear and was met with loud music along with hoots and hollers in the background.

“Hey Liv, can you tell the little man I’m not gonna be able to make it!” Travis slurred into the phone.

Olivia rolled her eyes; of course he was drunk.

“Travis, Frankie has been looking forward to seeing you all week. You could have at least called earlier instead of making him wait all damn day?” She hissed into the phone.

Travis always did this. Frankie would spend all day waiting and waiting and Travis never showed. Then, hours later, Travis would call with some bullshit excuse and take Frankie out on a quick outing and then the cycle would just repeat.

“Damn Liv, why do you always gotta be such a bitch?! I forgot, I’m sorry. You act like you’ve never forgotten anything in your life.” He spat into the phone.

“You forgot?! You always fucking forget! Damn it Travis when are you gonna-“

Feeling herself getting far too worked up, Olivia took a deep breath, held it fort a moment and exhaled.

“You know what Travis? That’s fine.” She said with finality.

Before he could get another word in, Olivia ended the call. Then, making her way into the guest bedroom, she dropped her phone onto the nightstand before face planting into the bed. Crawling under the covers, she closed her eyes and fought back the tears; she would NOT cry over that ass hat. She’d had already shedded nine long years worth of tears over him, and he wasn’t worth it then and most certainly not worth it now. But as she hugged her pillow tight, the ache in her chest caused the poorly constructed dam to crumple like paper. Sobbing Olivia held onto the pillow and cursed her teenage self for being so young and dumb.

Somewhere between the first tear fall and falling asleep, Olivia felt a pair of arms wrap around her from behind. Finding comfort in the arms, she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

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WAIT! Before you read this, have you read ARRIVAL ?

Teddy and Parker headed west on I-37 causing tall skyscrapers to grow smaller and smaller until they were nothing more than a speck in the rearview mirror. Without the obstruction of the tall buildings, Parker was able to see the clear blue sky; There wasn’t a cloud in sight. Having lived in La for so long, even on the sunniest of days the sky never looked so blue.

Rolling down the window, Parker let the cool breeze in. As they took a deep breath, Parker could feel the difference in the fresher, less polluted air; This was just what they needed.

“God, I should’ve came sooner.” Parker said, causing Teddy to let out a deep, belly rolling laugh that filled the entirety of the tuck.

“I’ve been trynna tell ya.” He said, shaking his head.

Turning their attention to the window, Parker watched as they drove alongside miles and miles of farmland. As the past wheat, corn, and various other crops, Parker thought back to their childhood. Having been born in the concrete jungle that was New York City, Parker was very much a city slicker. However, since Parker and their brothers were very young, Teddy and their mother, Bella used to take Parker, their twin, Paxson, and Parker’s older brother, Carter, up to Canada to visit Bella’s parents every summer and sometimes for long breaks during the school year.

During the summer months, the Halls would stay at the cabin with the rest of Bella’s side of the family. While Bella’s brothers and Teddy drank, grilled, and talked sports and the news, Bella and her older sister would watched Paxson, Carter, and their cousins play football in the field on the side of the house. As for Parker, they were usually in the garage with their grandfather, watching him work on his car.

Taking another deep breath, Parker smiled.

“God I’ve missed this place.” Parker said.

As they drove on, they past a field where some cows where enjoying some grass.

“Did you see that? Those were cows! Actual, real life, cows!” Parker said excitedly.

It’d been so long since Parker had been out in actual nature. Sure Parker went on hikes with Paxson and Carter, back home, but LA didn’t have cows or farmlands as big as the ones they were seeing now.

Laughing Teddy shook his head.

“Yes Parker, I saw the cows.” He said, amusement lacing his every word.

About an hour and a half later, Parker grinned from ear to ear as the sign welcoming them to Richmen came into view. As they speed past the sign, a howl came from the backseat, causing Parker to turn around.

“We’re almost there buddy.” Parker said, ruffling Hamilton’s coat.

As they drove past little boutiques, a pharmacy, a bar, and a gas station, Parker reminisced on some of the time they and their brothers spent in the small town. From what they could remember, there wasn’t much to do in Richmen; At least not as nine and eleven year olds. Most of the time, Carter, Parker, and Paxson would spend their time rummaging through their grandparents’ basement, digging up old photos of their mother as well as playing dress up with their grandfather’s old police uniforms. Sometimes one of the kids would put on their grandfather’s Stetson and they would play cops and robbers. They’d run around the house, pretending to be in a car cash, until either Bella, Teddy, or one of their aunts or uncles would yell at them. The trio never really got in trouble though; anytime the scolding would begin, either their grandmother or their grandfather would instantly come to the children’s rescue, calming that Carter, and the twins were just ‘doing what kids do’.

As Teddy turned off the main road, and onto a winding back road, Parker noticed that they weren’t headed in the direction of the family cabin.

“We’re not going to the cabin?” Parker asked, confused.

“No, why would we be?” Teddy asked, looking at Parker like they’d sprouted a second head.

Parker frowned.

“Don’t you and mom live at the cabin?” Parker asked slowly.

Teddy shook his head.

“Oh God no. That place is massive! You know how much money it would cost your mother and I to heat it in the winter? No, we’re just two people. We don’t need all that space.” He said shaking his head.

As they drove through the winding back forest, Parker tried to guess where their father was taking them but it’d been so long since Parker had been up north that Parker couldn’t even recognize a single landmark. So, sitting back, Parker decide to just enjoy the views. Then, about twenty or so minutes later, Teddy turned onto a quite, suburban looking street and made his way to the very end. Stopping in front of a red mailbox with the name ‘Hall’ painted on it, Teddy turned into the driveway as the door of the house swung open and out walked Parker’s mother, Bella.

With a smile so wide Parker was shire it could be seen from space, Bella rushed down the front steps.

“My baby!” She said excitedly as she made her way down to the car.

As Teddy shifted the car into park, Bella arrived at the car, going straight for the back window.

“Oh Hammy, look how big you’ve gotten.” She said in a baby voice as she took Hamilton’s face in her hands.

Scratching behind his ears, Bella cooed and awed at him as Parker sat in the front dumbfounded.

“Well geez mom, missed you too.” Parker said sarcastically.

Teddy laughed as Bella gave Hamilton one last scratch on his head before making her way to Parker’s window. Pulling Parker’s door open, Bella pulled them from the car before taking Parker’s face in her hands and kissing both their cheeks as well as their forehead.

“I always save the best for last.” She said, holding Parker at an arm’s length.

“Yeah right.” Parker said, playfully rolling their eyes.

Bella laughed as she pulled her child into her side.

“Come on Parks. I made a spread of you favorites.” Bella said.

Making their way inside, Parker entered the living room where photos of Marcus, Paxson, and Parker lined the walls. Looking from one photo to the next, Paker watched themself grow up with every photo. First steps, missing teeth, first hockey, baseball, and basketball games, Marcus, Parker, and Paxson making their first film, it was all there, on the wall, in chronological order.

“You know, most people just have their pictures on their phone or on Facebook, or Instagram, or in the cloud.” Parker teased.

“Why would I put my face all over the internet, so a bunch of strangers can look at me? No thanks.” Teddy said with a scoff.

Parker opened their mouth to explain that he could privet his accounts and that the cloud isn’t a social network, but they closed their mouth when they realized this was their stubborn father they were talking to. So instead of pushing the subject, they simply dropped it.

“Oh Parks, you must be starving after all that traveling. I made your favorite, homemade chicken pot pie. Why don’t you get settled in and then we can eat.” Bella said with a bright smile.

“Actually, I’m kind of exhausted from traveling. Can we eat after I’ve had a nap?” Parker suggested.

Bella smiled as she rubbed Parker’s side lovingly.

“Of course honey.” She said.

After kissing their mother, Parker followed their father up the stairs and into the guest bedroom. After Parker thanked him, Teddy existed the room while Parker opened up their suitcase, pulling out a pair of shorts and a t-shirt to sleep in. Then, grabbing their towel, Parker headed into the bathroom to wash off their long day of travel.


Parker Hall walked out into the Canadian airport along with a hundred other passengers. With their duffle bag slung across their body and their LA Dodgers cap firmly in place, Parker made their way through the airport. Swinging by baggage claim, Parker grabbed their suitcase as well as their dog, Hamilton Lucas Hall The Third’s kennel.

Hamilton was a Cane Corso, with silky fur so black it almost looked blue.

Parker had gotten him when they’d first started making money in the movie business. Back then Hamilton was only a small pup that Parker could sneak in and out of their apartment complex undetected. But now at two feet tall, sneaking him around isn’t all that easy anymore.

After gathering their belongings, Parker and Hamilton made their way to the exit where they were stopped by a tall man, who looked to be in his early twenties and a short, red head.

“Holy shit! You’re Parker Hall!” The man said excitedly.

Parker smiled as they tighten their hold on Hamilton’s leash. Hamilton has always been quite a nice dog, but he’s also very easy to excite.

“That’s me.” Parker said a bit excited themself.

Despite their attraction to women, Parker always got especially excited when getting recognized by male presenting people rather than female presenting people. Both experiences where quite enjoyable (most of the time), but there’s just something about being approached by a tall, lumberjack of a man, fangirling, or ‘fanpersoning’, as Parker’s twin Paxson likes to call it, that Parker enjoys so much.

“Aw, I love you so much. You’re such a huge inspiration, man.” The man said.

The instant the words left his mouth the man froze.

“Wait. Shit. I didn’t mean to…”The man seemed to be struggling as he clutched the back of his neck.

Parker couldn’t help but chuckle as they placed a hand on the massive man’s shoulder.

“It’s alright. I know what you meant.” Parker said with a smile.

The man smiled a boyish smile, causing the woman beside him to laugh.

“Could I maybe get a picture?” He asked, his hands going into his pocket.

Smiling, Parker nodded, causing the man to pull his phone out and shakily hand it over to the woman beside him.

“Babe could you…” he trailed off, his face reddening as she took the device from him and got into position.

The man then turned his attention back to Parker.

“Would it be alright if I put an arm around you?” He asked timidly.

The fact that he was even asking made Parker smile.

Even in a star studded city like LA, where Parker lives, that kind of consideration wasn’t very common for them. Usually when they were spotted by supporters, they would just thrust their phones into their friends’ hands and throw themselves at Parker. Although Parker usually prepares themself for that sort of thing, the sense of entitlement that some people have, and their total disregard for Parker as a person does get annoying sometimes. But then again, Parker is the one who chose this life.

“Yeah that’s fine.” Parker said with a smile.

After snapping a few photos, Parker, the man, and his girlfriend got to talking. After some pressuring from Maddie, the girlfriend, Conner pulled up his YouTube Channel.

At first Parker had every intention of telling Connor that they had to go, but after seeing some of the thumbnails for his videos, Parker grew interested. Before they knew it, Parker had watched five of Connor’s videos and was giving him tips on how to improve his story telling.

Connor soaked up every word like a sponge, making notes in his phone. Then, after thanking Parker, Connor hugged them one last time before he and his girlfriend were off.

Smiling from ear to ear, Parker subscribed to Connor’s channel, excited to see if he’d actually take their advice.

Continuing through the airport, Parker and Hamilton made their way to the exit just as their father pulled up to the curb in the same little golden, Toyota Corolla that Parker, their twin brother Paxson, and their older brother, Marcus all learned to drive in. Stopping at the curb, their father put the car in park before hopping out.

“Hiya kiddo! How was your flight?” He asked cheerfully as he made his way around the back of the car.

Dropping Hamilton’s leesh, Parker’s body collided with their father’s as his arms winded around them. Burying themself in his warm embrace, Parker took a deep breath, the smell of burnt firewood and laundry detergent filling their nose.

Despite being thirty and over six feet tall, their father never ceased to make Parker feel small and so safe.

“It was alright. God, I’ve missed you so much.” They mumbled into the fabric of their father’s sweater.

Their father squeezed them tightly, causing Parker to feel as though they were five years old all over again.

Rubbing Parker’s back, their father held onto them for dear life.

“I’ve missed you too. So much.”

The amount of emotion in his voice was almost enough to make Parker want to shatter right there in his arms; But if they did that, they’d never make it home to see their mother. So instead, Parker took a deep breath, giving their father one last squeeze, before pulling themself together and pulling back from the embrace.

Then, taking his face into their hands, Parker looked at the older version of their twin brother, Paxson. Other than their father’s salt and pepper beard, and his bald head, Teddy, Parker and Paxson’s father, and Paxson looked more like twins than Parker and Paxson did.

“Geez, you’re getting old.” Parker said, ruffling his scruffy beard.

Teddy swatted Parker’s hands away from his face.

“Oh shut up! I can still kick your ass.” Teddy said, wrangling Parker into a headlock.

The two horsed around for a minute or so before Parker finally said uncle. Then, after releasing Parker and gloating for a moment, Teddy grabbed Parker’s bags and headed for the trunk.

“Now come on. Let’s get you home so that mother of yours can fatten you up, eh?” He said with a laugh.

Chuckling, Parker open the back door of their father’s truck, allowing Hamilton to jump in while their father tossed their bags into the seat next to the dog. Then, after climbing into the truck, Teddy shifted the car into drive and they were off.

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The Perfect One

Aaliyah Walker sifted through the rack of shirts, stopping every now and again to feel a few. ‘Too soft.’ ‘Not soft enough.’ ‘Do they even like red?’ Her mind raced a mile a minute as she dug through jerseys, button ups, and various other shirts. This shirt would be the first one to touch Blue’s chest after they got their bandaids off; Hopefully.

“Girl! Can you just pick a damn shirt already?” Megan, Aaliyah’s cousin, groaned as she looked up from her phone.

“It’s gotta be one hundred percent cotton, or silk, or-” Aaliyah paused for a moment, pulling a red shirt off the rack.

‘They do look good in red.’ she thought to herself. Checking the tag on the shirt, Aaliyah was disappointed to find yet another cotton/poly blend.

“What’s with all the blends? How hard is it to find a shirt made of one simple material?” Aaliyah huffed, pushing past a vomit green shirt.

“Is there a reason it HAS to be one hundred percent cotton?” Megan asked, a slight annoyance in her voice.

They had been in this section for quite some time now.

Aaliyah slowed her movements as she pushed past a Lakers Jersey. She couldn’t tell Megan the real reason the shirt needed to be 100% cotton; Megan wouldn’t understand.

“Because it’s hot as balls out there and cotton breathes well.” Aaliyah half lied.

Being that it was July and they lived in Atlanta, it was very hot; But the weather had little to do with her hunt for the perfect one hundred percent cotton shirt.

For months now, Aaliyah has been trying to confess her feelings for her long time friend, Blue; and has been failing miserably. With all the stress Blue has been dealing with in regards to their homophobic mother as well as having to deal with their insurance company, the last thing Aaliyah wanted to do was add to that stress in anyway. But with Blue being away, getting their surgery, Aaliyah had time to write down all her feelings without fear Blue randomly popping up in her room or discovering the letter as they sat at her vanity playing with her makeup.

Megan simply shrugged before making her way to the other end of the rack and began searching as well.

Aaliyah let out a deep sigh, thankful that Megan didn’t ask any further questions. Megan and Aaliyah’s families aren’t the most accepting of the LGBTQ+ community, and although she and Megan are close, they’ve never had the ‘gush about your crush’ type of relationship.

Pushing past what felt like the millionth cotton/poly blend shirt, Aaliyah found a dark grey shirt with Betty White’s face plastered on the front of it.

Pulling it off the rack, Aaliyah held the shirt up and thought back to the week before Blue’s surgery.

Aaliyah and Blue stumbled through Aaliyah’s bedroom door, the pair exhusted and a bit tipsy. Flopping down onto her, the pair laid side by side, looking up at the bedroom ceiling.

“So what do you want?” Aaliyah asked, looking over at Blue.

“You already got me a gift, the panda, remember?” Blue said with a laugh.

The sound was music to Aaliyah’s ears. Thirteen years of hearing that laugh and she never grew tired of it.

“No, that was for graduation, you need something else, for top surgery. This is a big deal Blue. You busted your ass for this and you deserve something for that.” She said.

And that was very much true. Being that Blue’s parents weren’t very happy about Blue’s coming out, they still refer to them with she/her pronouns, and made Blue’s senior year a living hell, and the fact that Blue made it through the year with their sanity, and managed to save up most of the money for their top surgery; Aaliyah believe all that was worth celebrating, if not with a party at least a gift.

Blue smiled a smiled so bright Aaliyah felt like she’d died and was seeing the light everyone always talks about.

“This is important to you, I can tell.” Blue said with a laugh as Aaliyah bit her bottom lip.

Aaliyah shrugged.

“If you don’t care about it, I can drop it.” She said.

The last thing she wanted was to force anything on them; Blue had had enough of that from their mother and her side of the family.

“No, no, I would never turn down a gift. It’s like you’re always thinking about me.” Blue said with a smile.

‘if you only knew.’ Aaliyah thought to herself as Blue turned onto their side to face her.

“Something like that.” Aaliyah said, doing her best not to be obvious.

Blue bit into their bottom lip, causing Aaliyah’s eyes to flick down to the plump flesh. The need to kiss Blue was stronger than it’s ever been before, forcing Aaliyah to look away to keep from leaning in.

“Hmm, let’s see, what do I want?” Blue said, thinking out loud.

Rolling onto their back, Blue ran a hand down their body, wincing when they reached their chest.

For Blue the double D’s protruding from their chest, caused them a pain that Aaliyah couldn’t imagine. Over the years Blue had done countless things, both safe and unsafe to flatten their chest and to sit and watch nearly broke Aaliyah. So when Blue scheduled their top surgery, Aaliyah was over the moon. Together the pair danced around Aaliyah’s room and in that moment, Blue was the happiest Aaliyah’s ever seen them.

“It’s a little silly but, a shirt would be nice.” Blue said, pulling Aaliyah from her thoughts.

“Could you be a little more specific?” Aaliyah laughed.

Blue shrugged.

“You know me better than anyone. I trust you’ll make the right choice.”

Aaliyah rolled her eyes.

“Wow, so helpful.” She said sarcastically.

“Is that the shirt?” Megan asked, pulling Aaliyah from her thoughts.

“Yeah, it’s perfect.” She said smiling.

Making their way to the register, Aaliyah purchased the shirt. There after the two women made their way back to Aaliyah’s car. Cranking the car to life, Aaliyah felt a current of excitement flow through her entire body.

‘Blue’s gonna love this shirt.’ She thought to herself as she pulled out of her parking spot.

Myle’s Confession

The rain fell lightly over the small town of Vespen as Veronica made her way to her boyfriend, Myles’s house. After a very long and tiring shift at the diner, all she wanted was to be wrapped up in his arms. Turning onto the dead end street, the tension in her muscles began to subside as Myles’s trailer came into view. Spotting his truck in the driveway, Veronica smiled brightly; She wasn’t sure if he’d be home or not. He’d just started a new job and he was on call, so unless she called or texted beforehand, it was a fifty fifty chance of whether he’d be home or not. After a long shift, her brain was a mess, causing her to forget to reach out before making the trip. But his house was only about a five minute drive from her job and a ten minute drive from her house; so if he wasn’t home it was fine.

Pulling up to his trailer, she beamed in delight as she spotted his blue Tacoma sitting in the driveway. Parking next to his truck, she cut her engine and hopped out of the car. Excited, she skipped her way to his front door where she knocked on the door.

Inside the trailer, Myles was a wreck. He and Veronica have been dating for a little over four and a half months now and they were taking it slow; sluggishly slow. Prior to meeting her, Myles had been scheduled to get bottom surgery but complications with his insurance and the doctors caused him to have to halt his physical transition. At first he didn’t really mind; to him having a penis didn’t make him anymore or less of a man. But after meeting Veronica, he began getting a little anxious about it. It wasn’t as though he was questioning his masculinity; and with them taking it slow, sex wasn’t at the front of his mind. But over the past few weeks, things have gotten hot and heavy on several occasions. For Myles, pumping the breaks was unbearable, especially when they’d be sitting on his couch, his hands on Veronica’s bare breast, her tongue in his mouth, and her nails in his back. But to have her find out about his transition as they were undressing would be the worst way and he couldn’t do that to her.

Myles’s thoughts were interrupted as a sharp knock came at the door. Jumping slightly, he turned to the door and froze. He wasn’t expecting company. Another knock came, forcing him to make his way to the door. Opening it, he came face to face with a beaming Veronica. She smiled so brightly that he’d considered grabbing his Aviators. Before he could say a word, she charged at him, causing him to stumble backwards into the trailer. As her lips crashed against his, she whined her arms around his neck, kissing him with all she had.

Out of pure instinct, Myles kissed her back, his arms wrapping around her waist. Pulling her close, he groaned as she bit his bottom lip and sucked on it. Fuck she was a good kisser. As her hands wandered up his shirt, Myles remembered the predicament he was in. Groaning, he reluctantly peeled himself from her.

“Fuck, I’m sorry.” She said, redness creeping up her neck and onto her face.

Myles let out a breathy laugh. His head was spinning.

“No, I enjoyed that. A lot.” He said with a grin.

Veronica let out another laugh.

“I’ve just been thinking about you a lot.” She admitted.

Myles couldn’t help but smile at her admission. If he had a nickel for every time she popped into his head he’d be on the Forbes list.

“I’ve been thinking about you too.” He said, his stomach now fluttering.

Her grin was that of a lottery winner.

“Is that right.” She said in a low, seductive voice.

‘Fuck! She’s not gonna like this at all.’ Myles thought to himself.

Looking down at her shoes, Myles twisted his hands together.

“Myles what is it?” Veronica asked, tilting his head up so that she could see his eyes.

Myles blew out a breath of air. His stomach was a mess of fluttering butterflies.

“I should’ve told you this a long time ago and I’m so sorry V. I wasn’t trying to deceive you or anything I just…” Myles trailed off, gripping the back of his neck.

Scensing how nervous he was, Veronica grabbed his hand, pulling him to the couch.

As they sat down, Myles stared at their intertwined fingers.

‘She’s gonna hate me.’ He thought to himself as he looked at her perfectly manicured nails.

As he laced and unlaced their fingers, he thought about losing his privilege to touch her, kiss her, hold her in his arms; All because he was too much of a coward.

“I have something I need to tell you.” He began slowly.

When she didn’t say anything he took that as a sign for him to continue.

“I know I should have told you this way earlier. And if you don’t wanna talk to me after this I get it.”

He looked up at her, his eyes peering into hers.

“I would understand completely.” He said.

Veronica chuckled nervously.

“Myles what is it? You’re kind of scaring me.” She said.

Taking a deep breath, he held his breath for a moment. Then, after exhaling, he spoke.

“I’m trans V, and I haven’t gotten bottom surgery yet.” He said, looking down at his shoes.

“ I know I should’ve told you months ago, and this must feel like a waste but I don’t know. I guess I was just being selfish. You’re just so…”

Myles dropped his head, exhaling.

Veronica remained silent for a moment.

‘Well that explains why he knows so much about periods.’ She thought to herself.

Shaking her head, Veronica turned her attention back to him.

“Is that all?” She asked just above a whisper.

She wasn’t quite sure how to behave. The way Myles hung his head it was almost as if he committed a crime or something.

Putting a hand under his chin, she turned and tilted his head so that she could look into the forest like eyes she loved so much.

“Myles I don’t really care what’s in your pants.” She told him with a smile.

Myles returned the smile.

“You don’t?” He said, his voice filled with hope.

She shook her head.

“Not really. I mean I’ve never been with a trans guy before, or anyone with a vagina for that matter, but it seems kind of silly to throw away a good thing over something as simple as anatomy. ” She said.

“But I have some questions if that’s okay.” She said with a timid look.

Myles laughed, glad that he wasn’t the only nervous one.

“Ask away.” He said with a smile.

“Would it be okay if we had this little chat while I sit in your lap?” She asked, her voice now low and seductive.

Myles let out a groan.

“I’d love that.” He said.

In one swift motion, she swung a leg over his hips and situated herself in his lap.

The fact that she even wanted to be this close to him, coupled with the heat of her sex, practically burning a hole through his shirt, made Myles’ breathing become labored.

Taking notice of the effect her touch was having on him, Veronica smirked as she ran her hands down the center of his chest.

“So, in the event that we would have sex, what would you like me to refer to your….” She trailed off, glancing down at his pants as her hands rested on his belt.

Myles gripped her ass, groaning at the thought of her center pressed against his.

“Pussy’s fine.” He said, his head beginning to spin.

Veronica grinded against his belt buckle, causing Myles to groan; his hands tightening on her ass.

Leaning forward Veronica leisurely strolled kisses up the right side of his neck before reaching his ear.

“And can I taste that Pussy?” She whispered softly.

Myles’ hips bucked, his clit beginning to pulse.

“Oh fuck, I’d love that.” He admitted, dropping his head back.

Veronica wasted no time taking advantage of all the exposed skin this new position granted her. Starting at the base of his neck, she licked, sucked, and nippled at his skin.

“Veronica.” He groaned, kneading her ass.

Again she grinded against his buckle as she latched onto another part of his neck, just below his jawline.

Panting with need, Myles threaded his fingers into her hair, pulling her face from his neck. Then, crashing his lips onto hers, he kissed Veronica like he’d been lost in the desert for days and her lips were his first taste of water.

She kissed him back for a few moments before pulling back. Staring down at him, she watched his chest rise and fall, a sense of pride building. She did that to him. Biting on her bottom lip, butterflies fluttered in the pit of her stomach.

“Should we take this to the bedroom?” They both asked in unison.

The couple couldn’t help but laugh at one another. Then, scooting to the edge of the couch, Myles allowed her to wrap her legs around his waist. Then, as he rose up from the couch, Veronica let out a high pitched squeal as she gripped onto his shoulders.

“Relax, I got you.” He said with a smile.

The softness with which he spoke caused her to relax. Then, leaning down, she kissed him with everything she had. Though they haven’t been together that long, she trusts him, even more so after their conversation, and she wanted to show him that. But as she gripped his face, giving him all she had, he pulled back.

“What’s wrong?” She asked, searching his eyes.

Myles chuckled.

“I kind of need to see where I’m going .” He said.

“Oh, right.” She laughed before moving her mouth to his neck.

As her lips made contact with his neck, Myles inhaled sharply before composing himself.

‘Don’t drop her. Don’t drop her. Don’t drop her!’ He chanted in his head.

Thankfully it was only a few steps to get to his bed. As he lowered her onto the mattress, Myles felt light and carefree. Now that he’d come out, that was one less thing between them, and after he got her out of her clothes, there’d be even less between them.

I’ve Got These Feelings

Olivia Wild stared at the carpet of her bedroom floor as her best friend, Megan Williams walked back and forth. Megan had gone over the same spots so many times Olivia was sure she’d burn a hole in the carpet. Megan made her way from the bedroom door to the closet door for what felt like the millionth time before she turned to Olivia.

“Liv I-” Megan sighed, her shoulders falling, as a look of utter exhaustion taking over her face.

With one quick turn, Megan got back on track and began pacing again.

“Megan what’s wrong? Did someone die?” Olivia asked, sounding concern.

“No, but someone might die. Megan said under her breath.

“What?” Olivia asked.

“Nothing.” Megan said quickly, shaking her head.

Turning on her heels, Megan got back on track and began pacing again. Back and forth she went as she listed off all the ways that this could go wrong.

Megan and Olivia have been the bestest of friends for the better part of four years. Megan moved to California from New York to live with her father after her mother had discovered that she was a lesbian and kicked her out. Megan’s mother didn’t even bother telling her father. So for days, Megan was homeless, wandering the streets, until a close call with a strange man in one of the shelters she’d been staying in, brought her to her senses. Borrowing a kind stranger’s phone, she called her father. When Megan told him what had happened he was livid. After sending her some money, he booked her the earliest flight he could find. The next day when she landed in LA, she discovered that she’d already been outed by her mother to both sides of her family. Her father didn’t really care; said all he wanted was a healthy and happy daughter.

Then, that fall, when she started up school, she met Olivia after Olivia’s older sister, Grace, was suppose to show Megan around but ditched her after third period. Luckily for Megan, she and Olivia had the exact same schedule. As they made their way around the school, Olivia pointed out all the cool kids, the kids to steer clear of, and got her up to speed on all the latest gossip. By lunch, Megan felt like she’d known Olivia for years.

“Earth to Megan!” Olivia shouted, pulling Megan out of her daydream.

Turning her attention back to the other girl, Megan looked at her best friend who was now lying on her stomach, her chin in her hands.

“Are you in some kind of trouble with the mafia or some big loan sharks? Oh! Did you accidentally steal some really valuable art and now you’re running from the Russian mob?” Olivia said with far to much excitement.

Megan sighed.

“You read too much.” She deadpanned.

Olivia scoffed.

“No such thing.” She said matter of factly.

Megan took a deep breath. So much of her life included the drop dead, gorgeous blonde lying on the bed. If this went sideways everything between the two would change. Although, if it went the way Megan was hoping, things would still change, but for the better, hopefully.

Deciding to say ‘fuck it’ Megan faced her best friend and took a deep breath.

“Olivia Patricia Wilde, I like you. Not as a friend, not like a sister, but as a lover. I understand if you don’t feel the same but-“

“No, no, no!” Olivia shouted, shaking her head.

Megan’s face went ghost white.

“You can’t do this!” Olivia said.

Megan’s head began to spin as she tried to rack her brain for something, anything, to say. Before she could find the words, Olivia jumped up from the bed and bolted. It happened so fast that Megan didn’t even realize what had happened until she heard Olivia rushing down the stairs.

“Liv wait!” Megan shouted, running out of the room.

Practically sliding down the stairs, Megan made it to the bottom just as Olivia threw the door open.

“Olivia!” She shouted as the other girl ran to her car.

Running after her, Megan was fully prepared to chase after Olivia’s car; Only Olivia didn’t hop into the driver’s seat and speed off like Megan thought she would. Instead she headed for the trunk.

As Megan skirted to a haunt, she watched as Olivia open the trunk of her car. As balloons rose up from her trunk, Megan stood their perplexed. Olivia reached into the trunk, grabbing a few things before turning to face Megan.

Holding a bouquet of wild flowers in one hand, a basket containing snacks and candy in the other Olivia stood their with a poster board that read; ‘Be mine? Yes or No’.

Luckily, Megan just so happened to have a sharpie in her back pocket. Grinning from ear to ear, she made her way over to the other girl and knelt down. Pulling out the sharpie she scribbled something onto the poster, causing Olivia to grow confused. Then, after a moment or so, Megan took the poster from the other girl and turned it around so Olivia could see it.

‘YES, HELL YES!’ Read the sign.

Grinning from ear to ear, Megan did the one thing she’d been dying to do for a year now. Gripping Olivia’s face, she pressed her lips to Olivia’s. The kiss was better than either of them could of imagined; And oh how they imagined.

And for those few moments, as they kissed in Olivia’s front yard, everything was right in their world.