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All In A Day’s Work 

Paula LaVine was born into the mob. So for her, a day filled with shake downs, beatings, and money co

You Should Call In Sick

Megan and Beth stepped onto the elevator and looked straight ahead. As the freshly polished silver do

Waiting For David

It was raining, of course, it was; it’s fucking Seattle after all. Sitting in the window nook, Park

Straight to Dessert

Madison stared at her phone in pure disbelief. After her swiping session in the tub, the rest of that

This Is The End

Eric thought about getting up. He turned to his right, away from Micheal, and thought about walking a

Getting Out There

Madison Khan sat at her desk reading over the same email she’d been getting for weeks now. David Be

Brewing Affections

Mitchell Rice swiped through the endless faces of men; After hours of swiping, they were all starting

Oh How The Times Have Changed

Felicity Myers stretched out across the long, lounge chair. With her shades resting high on her nose,

Party Ready

Timothy Walter fussed with his white v-neck, tugging at the neckline. When he’d brought the shirt a